Historic Worthington Bus Tours

Historic Bus Tours Are Back Starting in April!

If you missed the Historic Bus Tours, led by Steffanie Haueisen last season, you have another chance to discover Worthington’s history from a new perspective this year in a series of five tours running from April to September.  A single tour is $14. Many of the tours offered last year sold out, so make sure to register through the Griswold Center to save your spot.

Worthington’s Historic District - Friday, April 8th, 1 pm

This tour will work its way around Worthington’s four historic quadrants focusing on the history of our earliest homes, businesses, schools, churches and the first cemetery where some of Worthington’s founding ancestors now rest.    (Get off of bus once at St John’s Cemetery.)

Worthington Manufacturing Company and Factory Street (Fox Lane) - Friday, May 13th, 1 pm

Visit the area known as Factory Square which contained the Worthington Manufacturing Company, and later was a training ground for a local Civil War regiment, and discover the interesting histories of some of the people and homes associated here. A special treat will be to see some interesting examples of 19th and 20th century “trash” collected locally from the river when it served as the town dump.

(There will be about 20-25 minutes of gentle walking involved)

Worthington and Flint’s Underground Railroad connections - Friday, June 10th, 1 pm & Friday, September 9th, 1 pm

Learn about the history of Flint, its schools, and the role of both Flint and the village of   Worthington during the Underground Railroad. The history of the founders of the AME church and the development of the Morris Addition will also be included. The tour includes a visit to Flintridge Terrace and Flint Cemetery which contains the final resting sites of most of the names associated with the history of Flint. (Some walking in the cemetery.)

 Worthington Area Neighborhoods - Friday, July 8th, 1 pm

This tour will visit seven different Worthington area neighborhoods, and share each unique neighborhoods interesting history. Learn how various neigborhoods have interacted in the development of Worthington from Village to City. Included are Medick Estates, Plesenton, the Village of Elmwood Station (you will find out what it is called today), Riverlea, “Chaseland”, Colonial Hills and Rush Creek Village. (Entire tour on bus)

Walnut Grove Cemetery - August 12th, 1 pm

This is the last of Worthington’s main three cemeteries (St. John’s, Flint and Walnut Grove). Visit the final resting places of many of the people whose legacies we have explored in the previous tours.  Many Worthington area streets are named after those buried at Walnut Grove who contributed to Worthington’s rich history. (The entire tour will be walking, about an hour.)




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