Worthington Lecture Series

The Worthington Historical Society has established the Lecture Series to share the expertise of some of our members. They have developed a variety of programs that reflect the many aspects of Worthington's fascinating heritage. Several of these are slide or video programs.

Most of these programs are designed for adult or teen audiences and most are planned for 30 to 40 minutes. Speakers donate their services with the expectation that organizations will make a donation of $2 to $5 per attendee to the Worthington Historical Society -- a tax deductible organization which maintains three historic properties and offers an extensive educational program for Worthington schools.


Rosalie Medert-Hoover

Entertainment on the Frontier: Storytelling

What did those early Ohio settlers do for entertainment before the electronic age? Storytelling was an important part of it. They brought their traditional English folktales to the new country, changing them to fit the style of life on the frontier. Hear some of these stories by professional storyteller Rosalie Medert-Hoover. The program can be adapted for adults and children aged 5 and up.


Joyce Tate

The History of Lace

The intricate art of lacemaking is explored through the Society’s extensive 20th century Connell lace collection. View finished pieces ranging from the 19th century through today and works-in-progress that show the techniques used to create these miniature works-of-art.


Sue Whitaker

19th Century Dolls

A slide program of the WHS 19th century doll collection – Parian bisques, French fashion models, milliner's models, French bebes, and American dolls by Ludwig Greiner, Izannah Walker and Joel Ellis.


WHS Docents

Walking Tour of Old Worthington

Stroll down the quaint streets of the city of Old Worthington, founded in 1803, and learn about the history and architecture of the buildings.

What Is It?

An interactive program with a basket of artifacts used by pioneers such as candle molds, darning eggs, homemade soap, Sticky Sammy, ribbon threader, horse scraper, etc.

Restoring the Orange Johnson House
A slide program describing the restoration and furnishing of the Orange Johnson house at 956 High St.

Restoring the Old Rectory
A slide program describing moving the Episcopal Rectory and restoring it at the 50 W. New England Ave.


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