Wednesday July 17th, 2013,   The Griswold Center, 1:30 pm

Fan Program

Ladies hand fans have been in existence for hundreds of years and they have been made in America from about 1840. The most famous American Fan maker was Hunt Allen and there will be an example of a Hunt Allen fan in the program.
All during the Victorian Period every fashionable lady would have carried a fan and soon this little 'modish machine' produced a sign language all its own. Invitations were given by it and suitors were sent running, in despair by it. Learning the language was a necessary part of a polished lady or gent's education and a demonstration of the language of fans will be part of the program.
Ladybugs and Buckeyes were given a large collection of fans in 2010 and with the help of the curator of the North American Fan Association, all 200 have been photographed and identified. There will be about 18 of the collection brought to the program. The Worthington Historical Society will also have several fans on display from their collection. Following the demonstration and show, decorate a fan of your own to take home. Lemonade and cookies will be served. Sponsored by the Worthington Historical Society and the Griswold Center. All ages welcome!
Tickets: $5, available at The Griswold Center



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