Inventory -- Family Biographical Files

 These family folders in the Worthington Historical Society archives are available to researchers by appointment. These files contain quite varied information on families that has been given to us by descendants or genealogical researchers. Some are quite thick and others contain only one or two items. Most of this is secondary material, some from printed sources, some from oral family histories. Some of the photos are from newspapers and some are photocopies of originals in our archives. Names included under "Miscellaneous People" are usually a single item rather a group of items in folders of named families. Photocopies of text and scans of original photos may be made for a charge depending on the number of pages or scanned. Contact

 Albaugh, Dorothy P. (Stickell, Hall), d/o E.S. Albaugh (1903-1986)

Copies of published essays (no dates or sources), Manuscripts (typed or handwritten) of many poems

Albaugh, Edwin S. (1869-1948)

 Worthington jeweler and clockmaker - Newspaper articles including Columbus Dispatch feature article 1/26/1947 with color photos - 1925 Columbus Dispatch about "Home Beautiful" open houses including Albaugh's "Glengarden" in Kenyon Brook -- photos of family members, watches and clocks, home, and cabin workshop

Armstrong, Mary (1915-2007)

 Columbus Dispatch obituary 6/24/07 - news clippings and photos of early historical society activities - catalog of Tim Armstrong's art in their Plesanton home gallery - several copies of the "Pleasanton Observer"

Baldwin, Samuel

 Baldwin family genealogical materials by Nell Baldwin, Seattle, WA -- Samuel was a shareholder in 1817 Worthington Manufacturing Co., one of founders of Presbyterian Church

Bartholomew, Benjamin

 Typescript "Notes on the Bartholomew Family in England and America, 1551-1935" by E. Luella Case including letter disputing Bill Arter's erroneous history of the stone home on Olentangy River Rd. He was from Connecticut not Virginia and this house was not built by slaves.

Bonnell, Dr. George (1913-1997)

  Many newspaper clippings of activities in Worthington and obit naming family members (also on Worthington Memory website) -- transcription of 6/90 oral history interview by John Detrick


Brelsford Family

Family tree  - Various family photos - 1983 essay on Robert Brelsford family by Lillian Skeele

Bistol, Eri (1782-1848)

 A few land records and tax receipts

Brown Family

 1898 pension record for J.Q.A. Brown, Co.E, 133rd O.V.I. - News clipping of J.Q.A.'s death in 1902 street car accident - bio sketch of Ellis Brown, b. 1860, descendant of Ezekial Brown, first Liberty (Sharon) Twp. Justice of Peace

Brown, Sidney (      -1881)

 Bible records of births, marriages, deaths --family photos -- genealogical chart by Lillian Skeele in 1971 -- death certificates

Buckwalter, Elizabeth C. (1912-2005)

 Newspaper obit -- former teacher at Linworth School -- transcription of oral history interview in July 1980 with Emily Lowman

Buttles Family (primarily Joel & Arora)

 News clippings about Joel Buttles diaries at Ohio Historical Society and buildings by Arora Buttles -- copies of family correspondence -- synopsis of Buttles Papers (mss 951) at OHS -- land records, military records

Caren, Molly Brown (1913-2005) (d/o Frame Brown, g-g-grandaughter of James Kilbourn)

 Transcription of Jan. '88 interview with Robert McCormick - news clippings of "Gwynne Block,"- Dec. '36 death of Frame Brown - Molly Caren obit, gift of Madison Co. Farm to OSU (Farm Science Review site) - 1910 article and photo of Gwynne home - 9/28/36 article and photo of cousin Emma Jones and her home -- family photos -- Brown fruit farm photos - Molly Caren Fisher, news article regarding gift of farm to Ohio State University


Carpenter, Nathan (1757-1814)

 Typed mss of Golden Wedding anniversary celebration 1/23/1861 by B. F. Witt -- Carpenter lineage submitted by William Coughman for SAR membership documenting Nathan Carpenter's Revolutionary War service

Chapman, Rosewell R. (1794-1827) (s/o Benjamin, m. Phoebe Stanbury, d/o Recompense)

 Genealogical sketch, 5 children b. Worthington including Delia who m. Dr. Daniel Upson - Lillian Skeele correspondence with Nellie Nearmyer, Newton, IA on Chapman genealogy

Chase, Rev. Philander

 Kenyon College map and photos of buildings - clippings about Jubilee College - "A Visit to Cornish" (birthplace) by Douglas Mayer - Bishop Chase trivet, WHS Intelligencer Feb. '87 - Rev. Chase bio by Ed Lentz in This Week in Worthington 2/10/97 - bio, Ohio History, 1998 - copies of Chase letters to Dr. Charles Wetmore - address to 2nd Episcopal Convention at Worthington 6/2/1819 -- typed mss, "The Birthplace of Bishop Chase" by Frank Corbin - materials regarding Chase farm & home (now St. Michael church & school site)

Chase, Salmon P.

 "Salmon P. Chase," Columbus Dispatch Builders of a Nation series -- pages from ch. 1 of Salmon P. Chase: a Life in Politics by Frederick Blue - replica of $10,000 bill with Chase photo - 1952 OHS Echoes article by Harry Coles - the story behind "In God We Trust" on US coins - synopsis of 5 vol. Salmon P. Chase Papers, Kent State University Press -- Columbus Dispatch articles on daughter: "Kate Chase: From Pomp to Poverty" by Mary Louise Sunkard, 7/12/1947 & "Columbus Kate," by Joseph A. Kopec, 12/8/1994

Collmer, Richard

 Transcript of oral history interview 3/4/2004 by Anne McGorman

Corbin, Frank

 Corbin and Vest family genealogical materials (see also Vest under miscellaneous) - several historical sketches about Worthington - June 1953 pageant manuscript for "The Whetstone Venture" celebrating Worthington's sesquicentennial



Cowles family

 Numerous family photos - 1842 Cowles store inventory from "Probing Worthington's Heritage" - Inventory and transcriptions of family letters in possession of Sally Cowles, East Granby, CT [see website, WHS manuscripts] - manuscript "Mary Cowles Kilbourn: A Daughter of Manifest Destiny" by Cary Franklin, 1993 [sister of R.W.Cowles, wife of Byron Kilbourne] - typescript "Milwaukee's Byron Kilbourne" by Goodwin Berquist

Davis, Frances Cornelia Cutting

 Apr. 26, 1926 news article "Worthington's Oldest Woman," born Oct. 19, 1836, Hebron, OH

Davis, Samuel Harrison

 Pioneer home on Dublin Rd.

Farris family (Blanche, Charles, Mike)

 African-American family photos, most not identified

Fields, William A. (1928-1998)

 Transcription of July 11, 1986 oral history by Elizabeth Oden - obituary of William "Pete" Fields (1928-1998) - obituary of Viola Fields (1900-1980), mother of William -- copies of news clippings and photos

Fisher, Isaac (1766-1844)

 Deed references to Worthington land, 1808-1835 - Revolutionary War pension data - Fisher family genealogical notes - Ruth Fisher DAR application

Friday, Dale (1911-2001) & Dorothy (1914-1994)

 News clippings, Dale as WHS president - Farm Science Review manager - obituary - Dorothy as president of Worthington Women's Club

Gilbert, Evelyn Conklin (1902-2000)

 Transcription of oral history interview July 26, 1984 by Larry Padetti -- obituary of Newton Whiting Gilbert (1862-1939)

Gillespie family

 Genealogical notes by Frank Corbin


Gloyd, Edith

 Family photos

Goodale, Nathan & Lincoln (father and brother of Cynthia Goodale Kilbourne)

 photocopies of bio sketch in Hildreth's "Pioneers of Ohio" -- 1951 Centennial bulletin of Goodale Park - Family tree "Maj. Nathan Goodale" by Louise Gwynne Burr, 1916 - Lincoln Goodale portrait given to Worthington Historical Society -- biographical sketch of Lincoln Goodale in "Greenlawn [cemetery] Heritate," 1994

Griswold, Ezra (1767-1822) & Ruth (1768 - 1847)

Columbus Dispatch clippings: 5/20/72, shinplasters; 8/31/30, tavern & daybook records - copies of mss items [see website manuscript inventory] - J.P. certificates 1812 & 1815 - Ruth Griswold will, 6/13/1834 - Mila Griswold scrapbook pages - Ruth Griswold memories

Griswold, Ezra Jr. (1792-1863)

Biographical sketch, no date or author - Letter from Edward Griswold McCullough to Columbus Dispatch, March 1966

Griswold, George H. (1795-1876)

 News clipping, Worthington News, 6/21/89 - Griswold tavern 1819 inventory - family photos - abstract o 4/21/1876 partition suit by heirs

Griswold sisters (Ruth, 1876-1965, Edith, 1883-1974)

1950 Griswold reunion, Clinton, CT - list of day books purchased by Bob & Katharine Greene at estate auction 5/26/89 - Griswold genealogy by Rev. Edwin V. Griswold, 1939 - photocopies from two tavern daybooks - family photos - Ruth Griswold obituary, 6/3/65, Berkeley, CA - Letter from Edith Griswold Ligda to Jane Trucksis, 10/17/67 - typed mss, Memories, Edith Griswold Underwood, 1969 - obituary of Fondelia Ruth Griswold, 7/7/1930 - news article about "Griswold Grove" in 1860s, 2/20/1958


Griswold Genealogy

Photocopy of George H. & Mila Griswold bible records - assorted correspondence - copies of published material on Griswold English origins

Griswold Family Bulletin

Nine issues of Griswwold Family Association Bulletin from 1998 to 2001

Griswold, Worthington Franklin (1842-1912) & Fondelia Ruth (1843-1930)

Family photos - "In Memoriam, Worthington Franklin Griswold" by Edwin Viets Griswold, July 1913

Griswold, Emily (1803-1820)

"The Story of Emily," by Mary Armstrong, Worthington Intelligencer, Nov. 1991

Griswold, Mila Jeanette (b.1906)

Handwritten autobiography, May 1933 - Oral history transcription, Sept. 10 & 17, 1985 by David Foust

Hard family

Assorted correspondence regarding Elisha, Harold, and A.O. Hard - handwritten and printed genealogical charts - materials regarding saving home at 6417 Linworth Rd.

Harding family

Five generations of Harding doctors - photocopies of news clippings of Drs. George Harding II and III, Harding Hospital - 2009 obituary, Herndon Harding - biographical sketch of Dr. George Harding III by James Hagle, 11/25/85 -- Harding Hospital rededication program, 10/18/81 - biographical sketch Dr. George T. Harding, III, 1904-1985 in "The Bridge" (Harding Hospital), Winter 1986

Hart, Asahel & Anna Kilbourn

Genealogical information on their three children raised in Kilbourne home, Anna Brown, Harriet Gilbert, John Hart - family chart of Lillian Skeele, great-granddaughter of Sidney and Anna Brown -- St. John Chronicle, Dec. 1893 memorial to Harriet Hart Gilbert


Hayes, Ben

Citizen Journal, biographical sketch, 11/2/78 -- a number of Citizen Journal articles including these related to Worthington: artist Annette Johnson St. Gaudens; Johnson house gavel to Gordon Clark, WHS president; Emma Buttles "castle" in Florence, Italy, 7/31/75 - nine articles based on Joel Buttles diaries


Heckendorn, Harold (1909-2000) & Carol

News clippings about Worthington Historical Society oral history project -- 2000 Obituary


Henderson family

Photo of Mary Elizabeth Johnson Henderson (1829-1908), niece of Orange Johnson - Joseph & Martha (Robertson) Henderson family genealogy - John Stewart Henderson biographical sketch from 1901 biographical history of Columbus and Franklin County - News clipping, Anna Mildred Henderson, Northwest Civic Association

Jeffers, Herman P.

Jeffers family photos - correspondence regarding family contribution to preservation of prehistoric mound - news clippings about mound and Plesanton subdivision

Jewett family

Photos of William Henry Jewett in Civil War uniform, Ida Carruthers Jewett

Johnson, Orange & Achsa

Print copies of transcribed letters in archives [see manuscripts on website for inventory] - photocopies of Johnson family Bible pages - Orange Johnson pedigree chart - brochure for Orange Johnson House Restoration Fund - copy of 1869 Commercial Bank formation - biographical sketch of Francis Sessions by Ed Lentz - Orange Johnson timeline by June Mollica - Estate papers of William Johnson [father] - Frank Corbin notes on Orange Johnson, 1963 - letter, C.K. Johnson, Tiffin to sister Sarah Johnson, 1/31/1817 - Orange Johnson accounts, Moses Brown daybook, 1817-1827 - appointment as militia paymaster, 9/17/1821 - Orange Johnson accounts with Dr. William Tozer - undated, unsigned biographical sketch of Orange Johnson - ownership record for 956 High St. - Ohio magazine, "The Comb Maker's House," no date - "Our Vanishing Heritage" proposal for preserving Orange Johnson house - Worthington News, 5/24/89, "Orange Johnson Much Admired," Robert & Jennie McCormick - Jenice Jordan, "Pioneer's Restored House Opens in Worthington," Columbus Dispatch, 10/1/72 - "Orange the Comb Maker," Bill Arter, Columbus Dispatch, 7/18/65 - typescript manuscript, "Updated Interpretation of 956 High St., Robert McCormick, July 1998 - Dedication of Orange Johnson House, Worthington News, 10/5/72

Johnson, Dr. Orville (1822-1896)

Copies of family in 1860, 1870 & 1880 census - 1844 Dr. Johnson advertisement - his barn that became Studio II - Obit of daughter, Mary Ellen Johnson Wing Warner


Jones, Harold (1921-1999)

Biographical article from Worthington News, 4/5,89 - soloist for Walnut Grove Cemetery Memorial Day ceremonies - Obit, 3/11/99 - Oral history transcription, 5/15/1986 by Elizabeth Oden


Kilbourn, Byron (1801-1870)

Copy of biographical sketch in "Memorial Record of the Fathers of Wisconsin" - "Byron Kilbourn's Ohio Heritage," by Gordon Berquest, 1971 - copy of 11/20/1948 from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about bringing body of Byron Kilbourn home from its original burial site in Florida - copy of Byron Kilbourn photo - copy of portrait and biography of Henritta Karrick Kilbourn


Kilbourn/Kilbourne, James (1770-1850) Family

Chart of Thomas Kilbourn's family immigration in 1635 from "Passengers to America" - Death records from family Bible - copy of 1838 James Kilbourn portrait - genealogical chart of James & Cynthia Goodale Kilbourn family - 2004 Kilbourne genealogy from - photocopy of printed prenuptial agreement 6/4/1811 between James Kilbourn and Cynthia Barnes - copies of two letters from Cynthia Kilbourn Jones to her granddaughter Maria Gwynne about family genealogy - copy of Charles Evans Kilbourne II obit - copies of Charles Evans Kilbourne II family photos - Inventory of Kilbourn letters at Simsbury Historical Society - Frank Corbin miscellaneous "Notes" about Kilbourne family - Bio of JK by Harry Stevens, Ohio Historical Society, "Museum Echoes, July 1960 - Dedication of Kilbourne Library, Worthington News, Nov. 19, 1927 - Cyrus Platt, presentation at Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society meeting Feb. 27, 1896, Little and Kilbourn trip west in 1802 (Nathaniel Little Diary) - Typed mss, James Kilbourne "The Ruine of my Father" - Kilbourne family genealogical chart - Ellen Hart Gilbert Whiting obituary - several letters from Charles Evans Kilbourne III to Worthington Historical Society beginning in 1998

Kilbourne, James (1841-1919)

Copies of several published biographical sketches and photos - copy of 1904 address at St. John's Episcopal Centennial




Kilbourne, Lincoln (1810-1891)

Copy of portrait - article "Memories of Hawkhart," with photo, 303 N. Parkview, Bexley, 1985 Columbus Museum of Art Decorator Show House, built in 1905 by Lincoln Goodale Kilbourne (son of above)

Kilbourne, Charles Evans (1844-1903)


Kilbourne, Charles Evans, Jr.

Nov. 1963 obituary - Several news articles -- Paul D. Hughes, "Charles Evans Kilbourne: A Study in Leadership," Army Communicator, 1985

Kilbourne, Cynthia Goodale Barnes (1797-1882)

Susan Barnes Adams obituary, age 85 (no date but b. 1797 = 1882) - picture of Miss Phelps Classical School, former Gwynne Mansion, built 1860, 135 E. Broad, Columbus Dispatch, Apr. 2, 1888 - Ed Lentz, Bio of I.G. Jones, This Week Worthington, Dec. 30, 1996 - 1808 pre-nuptial agreement between James Kilbourn and Cynthia Barnes - Lincoln Goodale Will, 1868 - Greenlawn internment record

Kilbourne Business

Bowers and Berquist, "Worthington, Ohio, James Kilbourn's Episcopal Haven on the Western Frontier" - Dedication Program, Kilbourne Memorial Library. Nov. 4, 1927 - James Kilbourn letter to his brother Lemuel on wife Lucy's death in childbirth - several letters from James Kilbourn, et. al, in Emma Jones, "A State in the Making" - photocopy of 1818 Worthington Manufacturing Co. bank note (shinplaster) - Ohio State Journal, Dec. 11, 1845, Worthington Hotel advertisement

Laws, Esther M. (1905-2003) and Virdre C. (1905-1992)

Memorial of African-American  family, Esther May Laws - obituary, Virdre C. Laws, age 87, d. 4/20/1992 - oral history transcription, Esther and Virde Laws, June 13, 1990 by John Detrick

Leahy, Justine and Geraldine

Photos of Justine and Geraldine as OJ docents, Justine photo with cookies at Orange Johnson House, ThisWeekWorthington, Nov. 10, 1997, death of Justine



Lewis Family

Biographical sketch of Lewis family from Colonial Research Bureau (not relevant to local family) - Articles of Co-Partnership "Lewis & Wood" 1896 - Worthy Lewis biographical sketch (no date or author) - account of W.F. Griswold at Bishop & Lewis store - photo of Bishop & Lewis store - photos of W.C. and Minnie Brelsford Leiws - Elias Lewis splint factory at Worthington Mfg. Co. - Lewis Insurance card - Worthington News article, 9/29/77, Willard Loos & Worthington Hardware - news article, Marriage of W.C. Lewis & Sarah Wright at St. John's, reception at Hotel Central - Feb. 20, 1941 letter, W.C. Lewis to his niece Laura about her grandfather Elias Lewis - biography of Lucy Lewis Wiley, Dec. 1893, 3rd Ave. Methodist Church, Columbus - Moses Maynard family tree (grandfather of Sarah Wright Lewis) - "Three Generations of Lewis Family" Worthington News, Feb. 22, 1945, children of Elias & Martha Wiley Lewis - some Elias Lewis accounts from 1850s and 1860s - Fortnightly Club Centennial celebration, Oct. 30, 1903 @ Dr. D.W. Welling's

Little, Nathaniel

Typed copy of Cyrus Platt presentation to Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society 2/27/1896, Narrative of journey from Connecticut to Northwest Territory, 1802 by James Kilbourn and Nathaniel Little

Longenecker, Carolyn (1903-1994)

Oral history interviews 7/9/ 1987 by Mary Lynne Musgrove, Harold Heckendorn & Clyde Campbell and 6/27/1990 by John Detrick --- daughter of dentist, Dr. Claude Longendecker,  came to Worthington in 1907

Loring, Olive

Picture and biographical sketch

Lowman, Emily (1910-1998)

Oral history interview 4/15/1989 by Dwight Barkhurst, active community volunteer, costumes for Worthington Sesquicentennial pageant 1953, Worthington Women's Club commemorative plate of St. John's Church for US 1976 Bicentennial -- news clipping of daughter Judith's marriage to Andrew M. Smith 9/27/57, daughter Janet's marriage to Donald K. Fox, 6/19/1958

McCormick, Robert (1921-2002)

News clippings relating to publication of New Englanders on the Ohio Frontier -- Correspondence regarding publication of Around Worthington -- correspondence regarding National Register properties -- History of 956 High St., 1983 -- Obituary, 12/18/2002

McIlvain, Bishop Charles Pettit

Biographical sketch, 2nd Episcopal Bishop of Ohio, consecrated St. John's Church, 1835 -- engraved portrait -- chart of McElvain descendants by Anne Williams Favret [see also Griswold Mss collection, May, 1873]

Maynard Family

Photos of Helen Maynard [Metcalf], Sophie Metcalf, William Metcalf -- Story of Crissa Maynard's tea set and fan -- printed genealogical materials -- Moses & Stephen Maynard genealogical charts from Janet Aunan, Oct. 3, 1996 -- St. John's records from 1830's of Maynard marriages, baptisms, burials -- Handwritten manuscript by Helen Maynard Metcalf and typed copy, 9 generations of Maynard family -- Moses Maynard, 1834 Estate Inventory -- Elnation Maynard "Recollections," St. John's Banner - William P. Metcalf will, Maynard, Elnation, 1900 news clipping, b. 1804, came to Worthington in 1807


Midgley, Thomas H. (1889-1944) -

1944 news article, OSU honorary degree - bio sketch, 4/2003 WHS Intelligencer, scientist created freon and ethanol -- Worthington News obituary, 11/1/1944 -- Columbus Dispatch obituary, 11/2/1944 - "Man Made Cave" (Midgely home), Columbus Dispatch Magazine 10/31/1965 - bio, Dictionary of American Biography

Minton, Mary Ellen (1905-1998) -- community leader, step-daughter of W.C. Lewis

Several childhood photos -- oral history, July 16, 1984 by Susan Porter -- Worthington Columbus Lewis interview in Worthington News, 2/22/1945

Miscellaneous Franklin County Records

Sharon Township Justices of the Peace, 1803-1844

Associate Judges, Common Pleas Court, 1803-1852

Miscellaneous Marriage Records, 1803-1815 from Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly

Miscellaneous Estate Abstracts

Miscellaneous People

Abbott, Lee, WorthingtonThisWeek, 1990, author featured at Thurber House

Abell, John, 8/25/1833 letter from Blendon Twp. to brother Thomas Abell, Leicester, England

Allen, Sunny, 3/26/2000 article, Columbus Dispatch about book, "Forever Alien: A Korean Memoir"

Anderson, Matt, Chamber of Commerce award, 11/17/1998

Augsburger, Arel, OSU optometrist, eyeglass collection, Citizen Journal, no date

Augsburger, Arel & Mary, Columbus Dispatch article 5/21/1978 about home (611 Morning St.)

Bachelor, Clyde, article & photo, Home Market, c. 1940

Baker, Mary, bio sketch at 90th birthday, WHS Intelligencer

Barnes, Dorothy Gill, Governor's Award for Arts, Columbus Dispatch, 1/9/1999

Barnes, Marshall, article about music compositions, Worthington ThisWeek, no date

Beard, Bessie, news article, Columbus Dispatch, 11/2/1977, 99th Birthday

Beckett, Jean, Worthington News article, 4/26/1989/doll shop

Bernhagen, Lillian, Worthington News, Jan. 1970, American School Health Award

Biddle, Sarah Evans, photo, 1977, age 101

Birnie's Drugstore, photos, c.1940

Blackmore, Josiah, Suburban News article, 8/12/1998, retires as Capital University President

Blackstone, Tad, memorial sketch, no date

Bonner, Jan, Worthington ThisWeek, 2/19/1990, teddy bear shop

Butterfield, John, bio sketch, Worthington Living, 9/2001

Buller, Allen R., Chairman, Worthington Foods, "Half a Century in Worthington," May 1977

Burgess, Kathryn, 1938-40 scrapbook photos, Worthington Elementary faculty and students

Carter, Vicki, article about angel ornaments selected for White House Christmas tree

Carver, Ruth, news article, March 20, 1980 about Campfire Girls

Cary, John, notes from biography by Carol Kinney, letter from daughter Emma Cary attending Female Seminary boarding with Achsa Johnson

Celehar, Jane, Worthington News, 4/9/1986, book "Kitchen Gadgets, 1920-1950"

Chaney, Virginia, Columbus Dispatch, 10/12/1997, herb garden

Chapman, John. materials on "Johnny Appleseed"

Coleman, John, Worthington Suburban News, 6/3/1992, Worthington City Council retirement

Corbett, Swyneth, proprietor, Studio II, advertisement, 9/1/1966

Cottrell, Donald, Sydney Fisher, Everett Shimp -- OSU professors, Distinguished Service Awards

Corbin, Samuel, obituary, nd

Crandall, Homer, bio sketch by Frank Falkner

Davis, Frances Cornelia Cutting, Worthington News, 4/26/1926, Worthington's oldest woman

Dayton, David, Columbus Dispatch, 12/28/ 1988, retiring police officer

DeVore, Helen, photos found in remodeling 956 High St.

Dixon, Floyd, Worthington News, 5/1926, Worthington Superintendent resigning to become education professor at Ohio University

Downs, Edgar, book, "Instant Shakedown" about WWII navy experience, Columbus Dispatch, 3/4/87

Duffey, John, Worthington News, 12/19/2001, retires from city council

Eckert, Allan, news article about  author of Tecumseh outdoor drama

Edwards, Dr. James, ThisWeekWorthington, article, Dec. 16, 1998, retires from zoning board

Edwards, Martha Huggett, Photo in wedding dress, Oct. 26, 1915, at St. John's

Elchenlauber, Ruth, Worthington News, 5/29/1980, retires as leader St. John's Early Education Center

Evans, Eleanor, news article on retirement as St. Johns Church historian, letters

Evens, Whitfield, Photo of he and his wife

Fleming, Peggy, Worthington Suburbia News article, Dec. 7, 1994, Red Cross worker in WWII, Battle of Bulge, Bronze Star

Forward, Donna, July 15, 1957, retires as secretary to Worthington City Manager

Foster, George B., biographical sketch, inventor and technological entrepreneur

Foust, Raean, Worthington News article, Oct. 17, 1990, Manager, American Traditions

Frazier, Steven, Whitehall history teacher, Worthington Historical Society volunteer

Gay, Carl W., Ohio State University Animal Science Professor, 1905-1947

Gerhart, G.M. & Nancy, 60th Wedding Anniversary

Gilpatrick, Meridith, appointed Ohio Historical Society Archivist, Nov. 1962

Godman, Susan, wife of Wm. D. Godman, Principal of Worhingon Female Seminary, death notice, Ohio Gazette, Dec. 12, 1851, burial Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware, Ohio

Goodrich, Ebenzer, carpenter, tombstone Oct. 15, 1846, old cemetery west of Olentangy, Delaware Co.

Goszyk, Cherry H., Apr. 1990 appointed Worthington Historical Society Director, July 1990, resigns due to allergies

Grafton, Louise, photo

Grimes, Anne, Worthington Historical Society program, June 14, 1989, ballads on dulcimer

Guthrey, Clara, Riverlea Mayor, 1965-1983

Hall, Jo, Second grade teacher at Liberty Elementary, Oct. 1, 1986

Hallock, Sanford, Death Jan. 2, 1983, Executive Dirctor, COSI

Harley, Sally, photo from Plain City, Ohio studio with daughter Cora

Harmon, Mary Ellen, Feb. 27, 1975, designed Worthington's 1976 bicentennial emblem

Harrison Family, photos of Kathryn, Grace, Henry, Robert & Thomas; Frank in Fire Chief uniform

Hartzler, Joseph, Columbus Dispatch article, May 6, 1997, prosecutor of Oklahoma bomber, lived on Stuart Lane, attended Linworth Elementary School

Havens Family genealogical chart

Holcomb Family, genealogy by Frank Gardner

Holderman, Vernon, Photo, builder in 1960s

Horch, Jake, WorthingtonThisWeek, July 2, 1990, article and photo, banjo player

Howe, Emily & Warren, Photo at St. Johns altar, Dec. 24, 1962

Hutchinson, Carl, Career in Ohio Farm Bureau, published two memoirs

Ingram, Edgar Waldo, Timeline article, Mar-Apr 1999, White Castle

Inscho, Curtiss & Margaret, architect

Johnson, Ernesta, Vice-president, Worthington Historical Society, photo at Orange Johnson House, c. 1975

Johnson, Lewis, letter 11/5/1963 about grandfather Lewis Johnson who married Pamela Thompson

Johnson, Verona, Worthington News article and photo, 108th birthday, Aug. 5, 1998

Joyce, Ann, photo demonstrating use of spinning wheel

Karrer, Mary, Worthington Suburbia News, May 11, 1988, crabapple tree memorial to Worthington Hills Elementary librarian

Kayati, Vicki, Alma, Joan, Photo of three generations

Keller, Mary, Worthington News article, Executive Director, Worthington Arts Council

Kenton, Simon, article by R. J. Peyton

Keys, John W., correspondence relating to death from wounds in Holland invasion, Sept. 19, 1944

Kirwan, Dr. Brit, Worthington News, Aug. 5, 1998, Ohio State University President

Koonig, Bertha & Rudy, photo and article, move to Franklin Village Colony

Lane, Bill, Worthington Suburbia News, Aug. 20, 2009, Memorial plaque at high school, Ass't Supt., Worthington Historical Society president

Larson, Doris, Worthington News article & photo, Mar. 25, 1987, founder of Meals on Wheels

Latham family, photo of family group beside log house, Thanksgiving 1906

Leeper, Roland, Columbus Dispatch, Nov. 5, 1978 article about collection of farm implements

Lehman, Norman, news clipping about Worthington Ford

Long, Carl, family photos, Columbus Dispatch about retirement as Worthington druggest (father of Carolyn Vest)

Long, Mary Alice, article about love of horses, Little Brown Jug

Long, Richard, Worthington Living article, nd. about military career in WWII

Loofbourrow, Mr. & Mrs. Carl with Luanne photo, President Worthington Historical Society, 1959, Oct. 3, 1977 article about Clark in Kiwanis

Loos, Williard, June 21, 1970 article and photo, President of Evans Investments, friend of Norman Rockwell

Lorimer, Jim, Columbus City Scene article, Winter 1999, sports promoter

Lowder, Ann, Columbus Dispatch articles about antiques, Feb. 14, 1978 & Jan. 29, 1984

McBurney, Robert, Worthington News photo, Mar. 3, 1987, orchid grower

McConagha, Max & Martha, OJ docent, Clintonville Booster, Mar. 29, 1982, funeral home

McCord, Harold, Worthington News, Jan. 20, 1977, Dedication of McCord Middle School, teacher, coach, principal superintendent

McCormic, John, WorthingtonThisWeek, June 3, 1996, Worthington Olmpic torch carrier

McCrory, Pat, Worthington Suburbia News, Mar. 6, 1996, Mayor of Charlotte, NC, father member of Worthington City Council

McCullough, William, Worthington Suburbia News, Nov. 8, 1995, 1949 graduate of Worthington High School, professor at Kenyon College

McLane, Dick, Worthington News article and photo, Nov. 15, 1989, Home Market butcher

Maddox, Bill, WorthingtonThisWeek, Aug. 6, 1990, dentist and photographer; Chamber of Commerce newsletter, May 1993

Maier, Jennifer Lane, Worthington News, May 6, 1998, Director, Worthington Historical Society

Maltby, William H., typescript biographical sketch, b. Worthington 1837, son of Methodist minister Rev. David Maltby, d. Aug. 20, 1880, Corpus Christi, TX

Mansfield, Meribah, Worthington Living, Worthington Librarian

Maxton, Mahlon, Photo holding Worthington Sesquicentennial auto license plate

Maxwell, Abe, photo in 19th century costume

Medick, Frank, 1996 Worthington Arts Council Christmas Tour of Homes

Melick, Liz, Photo in Worthington Historical Society Gift Shop with Eileen Watson

Meyers, Evelyn, Photo, OJ Docent

Middleton, Myra, Columbus Dispatch, Nov. 10, 1990, President, Worthington Senior Center; July 1, 1987, memorial tree on Village Green

Miehls, Wendy Semons, Photographer, Collage of Old Worthington doors

Milne, J.M., Photo with children Morgan, Olive, Mae; Lt. Commander MacGillvary Milne, Annapolis graduate

Milroie/Milroy, John James, Cartographer of Panama Canal, d. July 29, 1907, Washington, D.C.

Moody, Chuck, Worthington News, article and photo, 2/11, 1987, Moody's Paper Store

Morrison, Alexander, genealogy correspondence

Murday, Joseph, Worthington News, home on Worthington Historical Society Tour of Homes

Nowe, Dan & Marieta, ThisWeekWorthington, Riverlea Home, Worthington Historical Society Tour of Homes

Oberleistner, Brandon, 2001 Worthington High School graduate, killed in Iraq War

Oberleuffler, Delbert, Health and Physical Education professor, Ohio State University, 1932-1966

O'Brian, Harry, 6/6/1966 biographical sketch, author of Better Homes and Garden gardening column

Ochsenbein, Jan, Worthington Neighbor News, 1965 Worthington High School graduate, community volunteer

Orton, Lemuel, Revolutionary War soldier buried at St. Johns, 1761-1831

Ottolenghi, Abraham, Worthington Neighbor News, 11/16/1988, School Board President

Paoletti, Larry, Columbus Dispatch, 1/17/1999, biographical sketch

Pegues, Franklin, 11/1996, Ohio State University History Professor, Humanities Award

Perkins, Darnell C., Worthington Living, President, Worthington Arts Council

Pesigh, Kathryn, biographical sketch of community volunteer

Phelps, Thomas, Worthington Newss, 3/16/1988, Worthington's first school teacher [erroneous information, returned to New England, never had house in Worthington, see Scioto Company Descendants]

Pine, Irving, Columbus Dispatch, 7/15/2000, death notice, Ohio State University Psychiatry Professor, WWII Prisoner of War

Pingree, Bert, Citizen Journal photo of 1892 baseball team, Captain Pingree

Pool/Poole Family, genealogical notes compiled by David Hartman from deed & marriage records

Poole Joseph, biographical sketch by Robert W. McCormick, 1992

Porter, Mike, photo with Jody Penny

Posey, Ursula, correspondence

Postle, Evelyn, photo as child

Potter, Alvin, 1890 graduation photo

Potter family, 1894 family group photo with names

Potter, Judith, 9/57, daughter of Joseph Potter married at Yellow Springs

Potter, Ruth, 7/29/1985, Interview about Potter Lumber

Probasco, Jim ThisWeekWorthington, death notice, math teacher at Worthington High School, Chairman, Board of Zoning Appeals

Ratiff, Shary, news article, Cambodian Humanitarian Foundation

Reeves, Rita, obituary, Jan. 29, 2001

Riggle, Robert, obituary, June 4, 1994

Ripley, Gen. Roswell, photocopy of photo

Robinson, Stanley Ulrich, biographical article and photo at Rush Creek ravine, Apr. 22, 1979

Runyan, Kay, number of family photos

Sage, Russell, genealogy, Berlin, CT

St. Gaudens, Annette Johnson (1869-1943), Worthington sculptor, 2003 biographical sketch by Jennie McCormick

Schaeffer, Frederich, Worthington News, 3/13/1991, home at 556 High St. becomes B & B

Sexton, Sharon - news article & photo about paintins

Shakoor, Jordenna, article praising her as symbol of Martin Luther King's dream

Silcott, George, ThisWeek Worthingon, 9/16/1991, Railroad Museum, 37 year career with Columbus Dispatch, Worthington Coal & Supply

Simpson, Gus, Batelle scientist, Nov. 1969 article

Slim, William & Eleanor, WHS newletter, Treasurer, moved to Worthington in 1970

Smith, Vance, photo as Chairman of 1953 Worthington Sesquicentennial

Vest, Bertha, several photos c. 1907-8

Vest, Caroline, photo

Vest, Cornelia, photo

Vest Family genealogical notes

Vest/Winfield family photos

Voedisch, Ginni, Director, Worthington Historical Society, 1991 - vita

Waldorf, Maria, photo, Worthington High School graduate, 1890

Wallace, Alma & husband, wedding photo

Walter, Neil, Worthington ThisWeek article, 8/6/1990, Rainbow Canyon Band

Warner, Bernice, Ben Hayes article about earthworm business, May 1987

Warner, Dan, Worthington High School graduate, Pulitzer Prize, OSU alumni magazine May, 1988, editor, Lawrence, MA Eagle Tribune - Worthington News, Apr. 6 1988 -- Dan Warner tribute to grandmother Ann Warner

Warner, Dwight & Alice, Golden wedding anniversary, Worthington ThisWeek, 12/19/1990

Weaver, Don, editor, Citizen Journal, president Ohio Historical Society, 4/8/ 1967

Webster, Kate, wedding photo

Wells, Ann Asbury, family photo

Wenden, Henry, biographical data

Wharton, Alma (Long) & Claude, 1897 wedding photo

Wherry, Paul, Columbus Dispatch, 7/25, 2005, pharmacist's apothecary collection, photo

White, Delores, Worthington School Board election, 9/30/1987

Willey, Barbara, photo

Wilson, Bertha (Mrs. Joseph Beaver), Bill Arter sketch of home

Wing, Shirley & Marjorie (Meeker) - Columbus Citizen Journal article and photos, Wing home at 256 E. Granville Rd. where husband shot wife, 11/15/1925

Wright, Sarah - article describing wedding to W.C. Lewis

Wright, Susan, photo


Mollica, James and June

Ohio Historical Society Echoes, Dec. 1977, President, Board of Trustees - WorthingtonThisWeek, 1992, president, Worthington Historical Society - Columbus Dispatch, Oct. 27, 1991, study regarding Worthington City Hall & Senior Center - Echoes, Nov. 1979, Ohio Historical Society Annual Meeting

Moore, Homer

Brochure from Southwick, MA Historical Society showing their headquarters, birthplace of Homer Moore died at Worthington in 1811, buried at St. John's

Moose, Bill (1837-1937)

Pictures of Leatherlips Memorial, Bill Moose tombstone - Two memorial cards written by Jim Thompson - "Bill Moose, Last of the Wyandots," Leonard Insley, Worthington News, 2/2/1952 - Bill Moose, Linworth Historical Society newsletter, August 2010 - "Leatherlips: Twin Clouds" script, Dublin High School Drama Department, July 2010 - "Indian Bill," Bill Arter, August 3, 1969, Citizen Journal - stories denied by Wyandot County Historical Society

Morgan, Gertrude (Mrs. Clifton) (1914-2009)

Oral history interview with Larry Paoletti - 5/25/1985 -- memories of Worthington

Morrow, Dr. Thomas V. (1804-1850) & Isabella Greer (1809-1884)

Genealogical chart of Morrow & Greer families summarized from -- 2014 emails between Thomas Benton Morrow (g-g-grandson of Dr. Morrow) and Jennie McCormick - "Thomas Vaughan Morrow, 1804-1850: The Apostle of Eclecticism" presented at the Ohio Academy of Medical History by Michael A. Flannery of the Lloyd Library in 1996 - copy of Thomas V. Morrow photo at Lloyd Library - copy of Harvey & Elizabeth Greer Coit biographies, 1901 Columbus Centennial

Mulholland, Helen

Riverlea resident -- YWCA Women of Achievement Award, Worthington News, 3/8/1989 - Ohio Women's Hall of Fame, Worthington News, 12/12/1985 - 1985 program, Ohio Women's Hall of Fame

Palmer, Fred A.

Sept. 1992 news article, radio broadcaster for AIU (American Insurance Union) - chart of Columbus radio stations, 1920-1940

Park Family

news article about "Locust Grove," Jonathan Park homestead, by grandson Francis Park, now Park Highlands subdivision - Park family chart - several Park family photos - William Dwight Park Memorial, 1856-1922

Pingree Family (George A. 1842-1931)

Marcella Hammond Pingree book, Worthington Female Seminary, 1842 - Booklet on Gardiner-Pingree House, Salem, MA - Pingree family photos - Funeral program, George A. Pingree, Methodist Church, 12/16/1931 - George A. and Lou Stickney Pingree 52nd Wedding Anniversary news article -George A. Pingree, 83rd birthday news article,  Co. C., 113th OVI

Pinney Family

Worthington News, 10/31/1968, Marriage of Abner Nathan Pinney to Bonnie Yonk - Photo, James Alonzo Pinney, Grandmaster Mason, 1893 - Pinney Family genealogical chart - Sale bill, Miles Pinney estate, Mar. 10, 1864 - several family photos - Welthy Pinney kindergarten wagon with children, photo and article - Pinney genealogy, from Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, Oct. 1903 - Worthington News, 3/1/1945, 5th Abner Pinney born - Citizen Journal, 9/10/1958, article and photo, razing Pinney farm house -- Methodist home site - Intrepid C. Pinney funeral, Nov. 7th, 1855 - Idaho Statesman, death of James A. Pinney, pioneer mayor of Boise - bio sketch, James A. Pinney, History of Idaho by Hiram French, 1944 - Inventory of MSS 290, James A. Pinney, Idaho Historical Society - Pinney family picnic photo - News clipping, Nathan Pinney death, age 89 (Walnut Grove, 1847-1936)

Porter, William G. Jr.

Biographical memoir, b. 1923, moved to Worthington 1924s, growing up in Worthington, lawyer for Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co. merger to American Electric Power

Potter Family

Joe Potter oral history with John Detrich, son/of Howard, (1908-2006) - Howard Potter of Potter Lumber, "Meet Your Merchant," Mary Armstrong, Worthington News, 7/29/54

Ray, Kingsley (1797-188?)

Biographical sketch, "History of Franklin and Pickaway County," 1880, pp. 236-7

Robinson, Helen (1883-1980), Edward L. (1857-1934)

photo of Helen with friends - Worthington Historical Society nomination for Ohio Women's Hall of Fame - 1923 invitation Helen to join Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts - Helen's 1980 obituary, principal at Worthington High School 1912-1935, br. Greenlawn - Worthington News, 7/13/78, 95th birthday celebration - Connecticut license to practice law, Edward L. Robinson, 1880 - photo, 16 friends of Helen - photo, Lucille Robinson, ca. 1930 - photo, Helen, high school senior - photo, Helen, 1975 - photo, Edward L. as a boy - photo, Worthington High School, class of 1916 reunion - 2 letters from William R. Chadeyne, 7th US Army, 4/29/1955 & 12/11/1955 - Worthington News, 10/30/80, memorial tribute by Marie Vandegrift - obituary, Worthington News, 9/6/1934, Edward L., wife Helen Day, daughters Helen & Lucile, Worthington mayor, Sharon Twp. JP, br. Greenlawn - obituary, Worthington News, 6/8/1933, Lucile, BA & MA OSU, taught English at Denison & OSU - photos of Helen's friends, Helen Burnett, Mrs. H.J. Booth, Laura Devol, Edna Hatton, Mabel Stone, Mame West, Harold & Lawrence Williams, Hamlord Whitney, Helen Repogle - photo, White Cross Hospital Guild - photo, 11/4/1944, Helen with Bertha Shroyer, Ida Williams, & Dorothy Gimmerman in New Orleans - photo, 12/16/1940, Helen & Ida Williams, shopping in New Orleans - photo, Robinson home at South & Granby, Apr. 1953 - photo, unidentified group of young men (? college class with professor) - photo, WHS alumni award, 1973 - New Orleans tourist materials from 1940s

Robinson, Virginia

Obituary, Columbus Dispatch, 1/10/2010, age 92, widow of Rev. Charles Robinson, Worthington Presbyterian Church

Russell, James

 Broadside of 1837 exhibition at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT of Columbian Orrery made at Worthington

Russell, Mark & Mary

Columbus Dispatch, 12/20/1925, full page illustration by Mark for cover of special historical section -- Bill Arter sketch of "Gingerbread House," 5807 N. High St., purchased by Mark & Mary in 1919 - Columbus Citizen Journal, Mark & Mary's Christmas card illustration, "Green Gables," Mark Illustration instructor at Columbus Art School -- photo, Mark - photo, Mary

Sanford, Bud

Oral history, 6/19/1986, by Abner Pinney & Harold Heckendorn, came to Worthington at age 24 in 1942, joined fire department, chief for 19 years

Scatterday, Lon (Leonidas) (1903-1993) & Mary (1909-1998)

Daughter Susan Scatterday obituary, Columbus Dispatch, 3/14/2009, age 92, Bexley teacher - oral history, Lon Scatterday, 4/18/1989 by Abner Pinney & Harold Heckendorn, grew up on farm father bought in 1896, west of High St., opposite Orange Johnson house - photo, tent campground, on father's property, ca. 1906 - photo, Lon & Mary in home living room - obituary 10/16/1993, age 89, Leonidas C. Scatterday, DO, 1921 WHS graduate, staff of Doctors Hospital - news article, Bexley Spectator, 5/2/1973, Susan Scatterday retirement, Maryland Elementary School principal - handwritten "Scatterday Family History" Henry & Caroline Scatterday children: Lon, Henry, Jim, Elizabeth, Susan; Lon & Mary E. McKitrich Scatterday children: Mary Lou, Carolyn

Sessions, Francis C. (1820-1892) & Mary Johnson (1823-1919)

"That Which Lives Forever" booklet, Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts, Photo, Sessions Broad St. home - "Catalogue of the Art Collection of Mr. F.C. Sessions" - Francis C. Sessions Will, Ohio State Journal, 4/20/1893 - F.C. Sessons letter 12/28/1877 to Sarah McClurgh re: gift of dress material - Ohio State Journal, 4/1/1919, Death of Mary Sessions - Photo, F.C. Sessions - "F.C. Sessions: Rags to Riches," Ed Lentz, This Week in Worthingon, 1/8/1996 - F.C. Sessions, biographical sketch, History of Franklin & Pickaway Counties, pp. 384-5 - F.C. Sessions, Biographical Cyclopedia of Ohio, pp. 116-7 - F.C. Sessions correspondence with William Brown, Reynoldsburg re: farm, 1872 & 1873 - Telegram, F.C. Sessions to W.W. Metcalf, Washington, DC, 11/28/1876, death of "Father Johnson" - Correspondence from Justine Leahy re: Sarah Biddle in Worthington Nursing Home - F.C. Sessions, 1842 Sons of Temperance Membership certificate

Skeele, Lillian (1906-1996)

Letter from Seabury Pinney to C.A. Skeele, 10/18/1892 - Article about Worthington volunteers, Worthington This Week, 2/4/1991, photo of Lillian Skeele - Obituary, Lillian Skeele, 12/21/1996 - Lillian Skeele Ancestry Chart -- daughter of Charles A. and Laura Brelsford Skeele - "The Tea Set" manuscript by Lillian Skeele about tea set of her parents - Civil War Service Record of John Skeele of 700 Hartford St., procured by Robert McCormick, 1991, 113th OVI, disproves myth that he was prisoner at Andersonville - Ohio Historical Society Echoes, Mar. 1989, Letter 11/17/1833 from Sophronia Skeels describing journey from Mercerburg, NY to Troy (now Coolville), OH - Columbus Dispatch, 8/8/1978, Dublin Antique Quilt show, two 1852 quilts by Lillian Skeele's grandmother - Photos, Charles Skeele and Laura Brelsford - Several Brelsford family photos - Worthington News, 8/9/1984, Lillian Skeele photo with grandmother's 1852 quilt

Smith, William

Worthington News, article and photo, 8/30/2006, Vault buried by VFW, Veteran's Plaza, Resurrection Cemetery

Snow family

John Snow biographical sketch, History of Franklin & Pickaway Counties - Biographical sketch, Rev. William and Electa Snow - Commission, George Snow, Surgeon's Mate, Militia, Aug. 13, 1838  - Mary Snow, piano program, 1880 - Eva Snow, 1838, handwritten description of family antique pieces - Eliza Snow (1811-1891) burial record, Walnut Grove Cemetery - Robert McCormick letter to Catherine Green re: Oct. 1856 to May 1857 ledger of William T. Snow & W.C. Park in her possession - News article by Charles Pluntz re: organization of Ohio Masonic Historical Society - Snow family materials -- tax records, doctor bills, deeds, etc. - Eva Snow real estate ownership by wills of Eliza, Mary, & Jennie Snow - Bill Arter article and drawing of Snow house - article about 1904 death of Jennie Snow, daughter of George - "The Landmark & the Lady" (Eva Snow) by Mary Armstrong, Worthington News, March 1950 - Richard Snow, Oral History Interview by Dick Thormyer & Harold Heckendorn, 1987 -- born in Columbus, never lived in Worthington, nephew of Eva, g-g-grandson of John, history of New England Masonic Lodge, refers to John Snow diaries

Snouffer family

5/6/2005 news clipping, Memorial to dentist Edward S. Snouffer 2/5/1929-47/2005 - Worthington News, 10/16/2004, letter to editor from Snouffer descendants in relation to dedication of Snouffer Rd. park, describing widow Mary Magdelena Baumgardner Snouffer and her eight children coming to Worthington in 1830s - Worthington News, "Meet Your Merchant" -- 9/9/1954, Elmer Snouffer furniture store, Ray Snouffer, dry cleaning - Worthington News, 11/23/72, Helen Snouffer retires as city clerk - "Snouffers of Linworth & Worthington" - genealogy and property maps - obituary, William J. Snouffer, 9/29/2003 - Marriage of Verna Snouffer and Jerry Wallace, Aug. 23, ?  - marriage of Harlan Snouffer and Diane Parkhill, June 1962 - photo, John Snouffer Memorial wall, Wilson Hill School, Columbus Dispatch, 10/22/1990; Worthington News 10/24/1990

Sprague, Charles & Ruth

1977-78 Letters from Ruth O'Conner, descendant of Charles Sprague and Ruth Brown, daughter of Ebenezer Brown and Ruth Pinney

Stein, Mary Alice 

Columbus Dispatch obituary, Dec. 1979, age 97, principal Worthington High School - Information regarding John Stein (1777-1856) cradle at Orange Johnson House - Intelligencer, 2/1/1973, article about "Shedding Light on Worthington"

Thompson, Jim

Worthington This Week, 11/28/2002, Linworth Methodist Church researching old cemeteries - 9/26/1929, Leatherlips pageant

Thompson, William

photocopy, family genealogy from Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, Oct. 1903, pp. 176-8

Trucksis, Jane (1917-2005)

Drawings for Christmas cards - This Week Worhington, 11/17/1997, 80th birthday - Worthington Intelligencer articles, July 1990 & Mar. 1993 - Obituary, died at 87 - Worthington News, 2/19/2003, photo, dancing at Bicentennial -"Remembering Jane" poster - Memorial Service program, Worthington Methodist Church, 1/30/1005 - Lifetime award, Leadership Worthington, 1999 - Worthington City Council Resolution, Dec. 8, 1997 - Worthington Suburbia News, 10/25/1995, visiting Japanese sister city

Tuller Family

WHS Intelligencer, Nov. 2003, Dr. George Bonnell memories of Tuller grocery - Photo, Anthony Tuller outside market, ca. 1920 - Ohio Genealogical Notes, nd, "History of Tuller Family," (Bella > Homer > Holcomb) - Worthington News, 10/1/1953, Tuller-Archer House, 777 High St. - Columbus Dispatch, 10/9/1953, Mrs. Charles Tuller (husband g-grandson of Holcomb) with photos of antiques in home on Sawmill Rd. - Flavel Tuller biography, History of Franklin & Pickaway Counties, p. 423 - Obituary, 2/7/1928, Mary Adeline Tuller, dau/of Jonathan & Almira - Obituary, 3/8/1914, Adolphus Tuller - Walnut Grove Cemetery Certificate, 12/20/1873, Lot 364, Adolphus Tuller - Walnut Grove Cemetery Certificate, 4/9/1864, Lots 361-363 - Photocopies of Births, Marriages, Deaths from Tuller family Bible - Photo, Mr. & Mrs. Adolphus Tuller on porch - 1905 news article, Golden Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Adolphus Tuller - 7/14/1945, death of Anthony W. Tuller, son of Adolphus - 10/26/1918, marriage of Martha May Huggett, granddaughter of Adolphus Tuller - Obituary, Albion Tuller - Obituary, Lillian Tuller - Obituary, 10/23/1943, Jesse A. Tuller - Photo, Tuller House, 1918 - Photo, Tuller House, 1955 - Photo, Tuller House fireplace - Photo, Tuller House porch (prior to 1927, shows entry of old Presbyterian Church) - Walter A. Tuller, 1841-1862, son of Homer & Eliza, Civil War, 5th OVI, died Aug. 16, 1862 - Photo, Anthony Tuller -Photo, Lillian Tuller - Photo, Cynthia Tuller Hussett ? - Photo, Jesse Tuller -Retirement, Charles Tuller, City National Bank

Van Meter, Kay

WHS Intelligencer, Mar. 1992, appointment as WHS Director

Vaughn, Minerva Effie (1889-1986)

Photo in nursing home - WHS Intelligencer, May 2004, memories of Boxwell exam - Worthington News, WHS oral history project - Oral history, Jan. 20, 1986 by Elizabeth Oden - Death notice, Apr. 21, 1986

Vining, William (1779-1867), Elias

"Who was William Vining," by Mary Armstrong - photocopy, Elias Vining will, Jan. 10, 1857

Walling, Joel & Barney, John

 1997 Letter from Betty Jo Stockton requesting information on Walling & Barney -- Family chart, Robert Julius Kieser

Warner Family

 Bernice Warner, Worthington Library trustee - Dan Warner memories of growing up in Worthington -- Warner home at 506 Fox Lane -- vita and award for Helen Warner Mulholland

Weaver Family

 Sixteen Weaver familly photos -- Anthony, Fred, Rufus, & Kate

Wetmore, Dr. Charles Henry (1783-1868) & Eliza Rathbone Wetmore (1791-1853)

 Transcription of 1800-1803 "diary" (original at Ohio Historical Society) -- photo of Dr. Charles H. Wetmore -- biography of Elizabeth R. Wetmore - description of "Locust Grove" home south of Worthington - Obiturary 22 Dec. 1894, son Charles J. Wetmore -- handwritten "Wetmore/Rathbone Genealogy" - seven photos of Wetmore family from Delaware Historical Society -- handwritten sketch of Dr. C.H. Wetmore by Juliet Wetmore, nd - 1822-24 letters from Philander and Sophia Chase, Cincinnati to Dr. C.H. Wetmore

Wilcox/Carey Families

 Genealogical chart, Hiram Wilcox > John Q. Wilcox - 1986 letter from Atha (Mrs. Harold) Castle - Descendants of William Wilcox (1601-1652) - Photo & description of Wilcox-Carey chest of drawers - Sketch of Simeon Wilcox (1763-1828) - Descendants of Roswell Wilcox (1764-1831) - Biography of John Carey by Muriel Kinney -- John Carey's autobiography transcribed by Carol Kinney Grimes, 1998 - photo of quilt made by Dorcas Carey, c. 1830 - genealogical family group sheets of Roswell and Dorcas Pinney Wilcox by Carol Kinney Grimes - Descendants of John & Joanna Pinney (Eng. 17th C.) - Family group sheets for John & Dorcas Wilcox Carey by Carol Kinney Grimes - copy of Roswell Wilcox's patent for conical water wheel -- copy of some Wilcox family bible records - Carol Kinney Grimes 2008 letter re: publication of John Carey biography -- Lulu Wilcox Farris 1953 letter regarding Simeon Wilcox

Wing, George (1909-2002) & daughter Madelaine Adler

 Oral history, Jan. 14, 1989 by Bob McCormick remembering Worthington in 1922 based on Sanborn Insurance map - Interviews, ThisWeek Worthington 8/2/1992 & 8/5/1998 - 1948 photo, George Wing & Jim Talladay - 1928 cartoon by Dudley Fisher, Columbus Dispatch, "Spirit of Columbus Lands in Worthington" - Columbus Dispatch article 1/26/1987 - obituary, Columbus Dispatch, 9/30/2002 - Madelaine Adler, president, West Chester University, magazine feature 4/19/1998, Philadephia Enquirer article 11/11/2002

Wood, Alice Latham (1900-2005)

 Obituary, 3/11/2005, ThisWeek Worthington - Oral history, 4/28/2003 by Jane Trucksis, John Detrick, & Candy Brooks about cabin at west end of South St., father a dentist in Columbus, remembers summers and Christmas at the cabin her father built in 1904-5 from logs floated down river.


Wright, Potter (1791-1855) & Lovisa Maynard Wright (1797-1876)

 Gift from Laura Spencer Wright to St. John's Church for rector's salary - photo, Horatio Wright - bio of Horace Wright -- photo of Jurkinson Wright - family chart and work sheets of Potter & Louisa Wright - photo of Susan Achoff Wright -- plat of Worthington lots 1, 2, & 3

Wright, James E. family

 Family chart, Moses, Paul, Carrie, Wellie, Daniel - obituary, Arnold M. Wright, 4/18/1982, age 84 - photocopy of Bill Arter's sketch of James E. Wright home at 259 E. Granville Rd. - photo, James E. Wright

Wright Families

 Handwritten about family of Orpha Wright & Jack Davis - Autograph book of daughter Mattie Davis Reed - letters of Elizabeth Hard Hradel - Sarah Wright Lewis information - letter from Chester Co, PA historical society regarding Jacob Wright - sketch about children of Jacob and Mary McGill Wright (g-grandparents of Lillian Skeele) - Corr

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