Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly

 This publication of the Old Northwest Genealogical Society at the turn of the 20th century devoted its October 1903 issue to Worthington in honor of its centennial and continued with a few additional articles in the January 1904 issue. Both of these are available in the Worthington Historical Society and the Worthington Public Library.

 "Autobiography of James Kilbourne" written May 1845, five years before his death, focuses primarily on the founding of Worthington and on his political career in the Ohio General Assembly and US Congress

 "Articles of Agreement, St. John's Episcopal Church" a brief history and several lists of elected officers.

 "1808 Militia Muster Roll" Capt Ezra Griswold's company

 "Worthington Female Seminary" brief history and 1839-40 list of students

 "Worthington Reformed Medical College" brief history and list of known graduates

 "Worthington Cemetery Inscriptions" St. John's, Walnut Grove, Methodist, and Presbyterian as of Jan. 1904

 "History of Worthington Methodist Church" brief history and some membership lists from 1847 to 1856

 "History of Worthington Presbyterian Church" brief history, original membership list and 1831 membership list

 The following family genealogies are included -- many of these are for Scioto Co. founders and are included in more detail in Scioto Company Descendants. In order of their appearance in the volume:






 Hart-Gilbert-Brown (these are 3 children of Kilbourne's nephew Asahel Hart who were raised in the Kilbourne home after their parents' deaths)

 Case (Job)




 Case (Israel & Isaac)

 Topping (Josiah)


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