Those of you researching family genealogy will be delighted to know that the original census schedules are now available on line -- free access with a Worthington or Columbus library card.

 Here's how. Go to the Worthington Library website > Research > All Research Databases A to Z > H > Heritage Quest Online > type in library card number > Search Census > complete form for surname, year, and date > choose county > choose from list of names by township or city ward.

 For example: search Pinney > 1900 > Ohio and you will receive nineteen names in Franklin County, two in Sharon Township.

 Warning -- there are errors and omissions in the index. If you've worked with original census records you know how difficult it can be to read the handwriting. Try every possible spelling. If necessary you can browse, but to limit your search pick a common name like Smith to get into the township you want and then flip pages forward or backward.

 These are wonderful primary sources and you can download or print a page (although you have to tinker to get it large enough to be readable.)



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