If you live in Worthington, or grew up in Worthington, you probably have an interesting memory worth sharing. The historical society is launching a new project to share these stories on our website and hope you will join in. You don't have to be "old" to have a story. Anyone from students to senior citizens is welcome. Here are a few suggestions:

 BE SPECIFIC -- being on the swim team or in the cast of a school play, riding a float in the Memorial Day parade, working on the pageant for the 1953 Worthington Sesquicentennial or the 2003 Bicentennial,  going to Gabel's Dairy (or Strader's) for ice cream, collecting for the WWII scrap drive etc. You get the idea.

            WHEN & WHERE - When & where did this happen -- which school, business, or organization? If you were a child, how old were you?

            NAMES -- Who else was involved? --  teachers, scout leaders, coaches, business owners, etc.

            LENGTH -- Keep to a single story. About 200 to 800 words is a good length. If you have a number of stories, send several rather than lumping them together. There is no limit on how many stories you may share. If you have a friend or neighbor with an interesting story, encourage them to share it, or if they don't use a computer, interview them and write it yourself. This is a gift that will please them.

            PICTURES -- A picture is a big plus. If you can, scan it and insert it into your story. If you don't have a scanner, bring or send it to the Worthington Historical Society and we'll scan it and return your picture.

 SUBMIT YOUR STORY -- Give it a short title, include your name and the date you are sending it. Send it as an email attachment to historian@worthingtonhistory.org Include an email address so we can contact you if we need more information. Give us a week to post it on our website and then look for yourself in print.

 If you belong to a work or social group with a story -- Sunday school class, retired teachers, high school alumni, women's club interest group, librarians, etc. -- talk it over and pick someone to write and share it.

 If you have questions, email historian@worthingtonhistory.org

REMEMBER: The web is a public place. If you quote a source or use a photo it is your responsibility to obtain permission and credit the source.  Any material on our website becomes part of the public domain.


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