How I Came To Be Called “Ivy”

A Rush Creek Village Story

By Richard “Turk” Baker  (written about 2009)

One should remember that iconic or “unusual” looking houses in the 1950’s in colonial and traditional Worthington, Ohio might attract community attention, or, even, opposition. Such was the case for Rush Creek Village. Many in the Worthington community (including the City Council) opposed this development in this traditional village of 10,000 souls. However awkwardly, the new community gained approval 50 years ago. I helped to build my family’s house in 1958, and helped on other houses in the neighborhood (I was 14). In 1962 I went to OSU and pledged a fraternity in 1963. One of the fraternity active’s girlfriends soon nicknamed me Ivy after learning where I lived. I was confused! I was sure she had nicknamed none of the other pledges. About 20 years later she shared that she had grown-up in Colonial Hills and that her father and his Postal Office co-workers had named our neighborhood “Idiots Village”, hence I.V. (not Ivy).


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