Morning Glories at the Seminary

by Betty Andreas

January 5, 2014

When my parents, Howard and Effie Andreas, moved to Worthington in 1942, they rented an apartment in the 100 year old building at 582 High Street that originally had been the Methodist Female Seminary.

By the early 1950ís, the ladies in the apartments had a spring ritual of planting Morning Glories at the base of the porches on the back (east) side of the building. They would run string from the third floor porch railings to the ground.  We children (my sister Marje and I, and Mike and Maureen Radcliffe) were drafted to carry the balls of string up to the third floor where the string was tied to the porch railings and the ball dropped to the ground again. When all the strings were in place, my mother and our first floor neighbor, Betty Radcliffe, planted the seeds.

By late summer, the Morning Glories provided shade for the first and second floor porches and flowers for everyone to enjoy.

I found this picture in my motherís photo album. (There was no date on it, and I do not know who the photographer was.)  If you look closely, you can see that the Morning Glories have climbed to the level of the first floor porches.

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