The Rush Creek Village Company story I wish to share

By Richard “Turk” Baker (written 2013)

(comments on Rush Creek Village, Worthington, Ohio, and Ted Van Fossen, designer)

As a teenager, I was intimately involved with my family in designing and building our home in Rush Creek Village circa 1958 with designer Ted Van Fossen and builder Richard Wakefield. Our home is considered “organic” and in Frank Lloyd Wright terms “USAonian”. 

Ted (who studied briefly with Mr Wright) spent much time analyzing our family living needs and personalities before designing a house that met our family needs and also was designed to fit into a community of homes. Ted didn’t always get it right the first time and our family met with him many times before the house plans were finalized.

Rooms in our home were designed for specific family members and groups – an amazing concept at the time.

In short, each home in Rush Creek Village was designed for a particular family and in relation to every other home in the neighborhood…..unheard-of….. and the right thing. My room was like a cell (high windows, cinderblock walls, bed, desk, and light only over the desk); designed to force an introvert back into family spaces after finishing high school homework. My brother’s room (the family extrovert) was open with many eye-level windows, vistas, and light colored plaster walls. The master bedroom was large and airy with built-in closets and chest-of-drawers, and a large cantilevered desk (parents educators and librarians). Nary a curtain or blind in the Baker house to this day (by design – no views into Baker house by others, no views into other homes by Bakers), 50 years later!

Even as a teenager, I helped to build some of the RCV homes in the 1950’s and ’60. Perhaps I’ll share later.



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