Memories from the Worthington Inn

By Ginni Voedisch

October 5, 2014

Jennie McCormick's posed a question in the October Intelligencer asking if anyone recalled the Sunday buffets at the Worthington Inn. Yes, I do remember the Sunday buffets -- although I can't say I recall the cost.  When my nephew, now in his 30s, was baptized, we took a large family gathering there, and the grandparents from Cleveland couldn't get over the selection. I went to school with Mr. Snyder's daughter, Janice, so I heard a few "back of the house" stories too, as I later did when one of my own children worked there one summer in high school. Later, at the fancier sit-down-dinner version of the Inn, my husband and I had an anniversary dinner. I recall how elegant the service was and I especially recall that the meal had a helping of either turnip or rutabaga. Neither is on MY list of gourmet veggies, but no matter -- the helping amounted to about two teaspoons! Finally, I recall having lunch there with the late Jim Mollica when he interviewed me to become the WHS’ second executive director back in 1991.

Now it's my turn to ask a question. If the temperature is still in the 60s and the geraniums are still blooming on High Street, how do you know what month it is? Â(The "still" comment should be a hint.) Back in the 70s and 80s Worthington Hardware used to paint (with water tempera of some sort) "snowflake" dots in all its windowpanes facing High St. starting on Nov. 1. On Dec. 1, the "flakes" were replaced in every pane by a painted on snow drift. So even if Worthington got lucky with a warm autumn, the windows were a giveaway.


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