Griswold Family Papers, privately held

Photocopies at Worthington Historical Society


 The Griswold papers in this collection supplement but do not duplicate the Griswold Papers at the Ohio Historical Society, MSS 193.


 This collection begins in 1802 with material generated or acquired by Scioto Company member Ezra Griswold, born 6 Dec. 1767 at Simsbury, Connecticut, married Nov. 8, 1789 at Simsbury, CT to Ruth Roberts. In the fall of 1803 they migrated west to Worthington with their six living children. For additional genealogical data see Scioto Company Descendants pp. 118-133.


 Subsequent papers were created or acquired by three generations of descendants who lived in the family home/tavern facing the northeast quadrant of the Village Green. These papers remained in the Griswold family until the personal property auction for the estate of Miss Jeanette Griswold May 26, 1989 when they were purchased and remain in a private local collection. Robert and Jennie McCormick were given permission to review this collection and make photocopies of selected items related primarily to 19th century Worthington history for the Worthington Historical Society Archives. There are 348 selected items in this collection. These are available to researchers by appointment. Researchers should be aware that several of the items included are draft documents and their content should be verified with other sources if possible.


 Materials are grouped chronologically in file folders by decade.


Folder - 1802-1809


 [Many of the items in this folder deal with the construction of the Worthington Academy building, 1806 and 1808 militia rosters]


 1. Jan. 16, 1802 -- Bill from James Scott, agent for John Dunlap, to Col. Thos. Worthington [land agent at Chillicothe] for survey work on Township 2, Range 18, US Military District [Sharon Twp., Franklin Co.]. Includes one page of survey notes.


 2.  June 3, 1804 -- Letter from Hannah Roberts [sister to Ruth Griswold] to Mr. & Mrs. Ezra & Ruth Griswold, Worthington, O -- family news


 3. Dec. 10, 1804- ? July 1806, Putnam Case account with Ezra Griswold


 4.  Dec. 31, 1804 -- School meeting at the school house -- Alex. Morrison, Jr. Clerk, Ezra Griswold, Committeeman for 1805 -- Agreed to hold 2 month subscription Mons School, fee per scholar to be determined by number enrolled plus 1/2 cord of wood for each


 5. Jan. 7, 1805 -- Minutes of Proprietors of Worthington Academy, Alex. Morrison, Jr., Clerk; James Kilbourn, Levi Buttles, Ezra Griswold, Trustees


 6. Apr. 19, 1805 -- $50 Bond for Solomon Jones to Academy Trustees to remove trees from school lot - signed by N.W. Little, Isaac Case, Joel Allen


 7. May 7, 1805 -- Names of fifty subscribers and amount of cash or  materials each pledged for the construction of the Worthington Academy and a timeline for delivery


 8. May 17, 1805 -- Scioto Company Resolution to unite with citizens of Worthington to apply to Ohio Legislature to incorporate the Worthington Academy, Israel Case, Clerk


 9. Nov. 23, 1805 -- Minutes of school committee, Alex. Morrison Jr. Clerk -- bids for cutting trees awarded Aschel Hart, Ezra Griswold, Solomon Jones & Azariah Pinney; employ William Robe as teacher; Roswell Tuller to deliver wood


 10. Nov. 30, 1805-Mar. 13, 1811 -- James Kilbourn accounts with Ezra Griswold [10 pages]


 11. Dec. 31, 1805 -- Building committee for Worthington Academy -- Trustees: James Kilbourn, Ichabod Plum, Isaac Case; Clerk: Alex. Morrison, Jr.; Treasurer: Samuel Beach


 12. Apr. 9, 1806 -- School lot is let to Solomon Jones Apr.1 to Dec. 1, 1806, James Kilbourn, Clerk


 13. Apr. 24, 1806 -- Muster Roll, First Company, Franklin County, James Kilbourn Capt., list of 49 names with equipment they brought


 14. Sept. 11, 1806, Letter from Joel Allen, Southington to Ezra Griswold, Worthington regarding reason for leaving Worthington after death of his son Augustus


 15. Nov. 17, 1806 -- Minutes of School Committee meeting -- employ William Robe to teach six months for $80 and board


 16. Dec. 16, 1806 -- Meeting of subscribers to Academy -- description of planned building: dimensions, number of windows and doors, center cupola, chimneys at either end


 17. Jan. 15, 1807 -- Account for Solomon Jones cutting timber on school lot


 18. Jan. 22, 1807 -- James Kilbourn appointed superintendent for building academy


 19. Mar. 5, 1807 -- Final payment on $28 paid by Nathan Stewart to Clarissa Thompson for teaching school


 20. July 16, 1807 -- Contract for "Rory" Buttles to "labour" for two months for the academy committee for $14 per month plus 75 cents for grog, James Kilbourn, Agent [Buttles was sixteen that summer]


 21. Nov. 13, 1807 -- Account for materials purchased at Chillicothe for various Worthington residents -- salt, whiskey, tea kettles, window glass, pots


 22. Dec. 11, 1807 -- Time sheet of days worked by "Rora" Buttles from July 20 to Dec. 4th signed by Amos Maxfield, 1 day worked by "Black Daniel" on Nov. 10; receipt signed by "Rory Buttles" for $53.43 for payment in full for work for Academy committee


 23. Mar. 17, 1808 -- Contract signed by "Rory" Buttles to labour from Mar. 21 to Oct. 1 as brickyard foreman or as academy committee direct for $13 per month plus lodging and board, signed by Trustees: Ezra Griswold, Moses Maynard, James Kilbourn -- Nov. 22 settlement of $65.50 for 131 days


 24. Mar. 27, 1808 -- Proposed by-laws describing duties of Academy Trustees, Treasurer, Clerk and Agent and establishing annual subscribers business meeting


 25. Apr. 7, 1808 -- Letter from Daniel Bishop, Franklinton to James Kilbourn, Worthington -- declines work of building academy because he has been told that Kilbourn sold land for which he did not have a legal title


 26. May 9, 1808 -- Exterior and interior dimensions of academy walls, windows, doors


 27. May 14, 1808 -- Militia muster roll of fifty-six names listing equipment for each, Capt. Ezra Griswold


 28. May 20, 1808 -- List of seven additional Academy subscribers


 29. Aug. 11, 1808 -- Contract from James Kilbourn, Agent with Ebenezer Goodrich and Eliphalet Barker for carpentry work -- cornices, doors, windows, shingles


 30. Aug. 29, 1808 -- Letter from Sylvia A. Jones, Perth Amboy, to her sister Mrs. Ruth Griswold, Worthington, Ohio sent via William Robe, approves of her sister's move west, news of her own three children


 31. Sept. 29, 1808 -- Contract for Daniel Bishop to build brick walls of Academy and for painting and penciling to be completed by Dec. 1. to be paid $200 cash, 100 acres land [lot described], and board - signed James Kilbourn, Agent, Ezra Griswold, Thomas Palmer, Alexander Morrison, Jr., Amasa Delano, John Goodrich


 32. Oct. 11, 1808 -- List of eight subscribers fulfilling subscription commitments to Academy


 33. Nov. 7, 1808 -- Partial letter from James Kilbourne to J. Davis ordering 650 ft. of nine by twelve inch window glass -- by the first safe hand to Chillicothe -- requests that he mail bill


 34. Nov. 8, 1808 -- Letter from Richard Stanton [employee of Daniel Bishop] to James Kilbourne  -- failure of Academy agent to have lime hauled to site


 35. Nov. 28, 1808 -- Letter from Richard Stanton, Franklinton to James Kilbourne, Worthington -- weather, work in Franklinton, and lack of completed timber frame will prevent completion of brick walls by the time contracted


 36. Dec. 22, 1808 -- Account for Ezra Griswold due to James Russell [cabinet maker] -- various items from a bedstead, 6 chairs, hoe and plow handles to repairing a big wheel


 37. June 6, 1809 -- Settlement of Alexander Morrison, Jr.'s account against the Academy


 38. June 8, 1809 -- Moses Maynard's account against the academy approved by John Goodrich and Ezra Griswold


 39. June 12, 1809 -- Kilbourne & Goodale account against the academy


 40. Dec. 7, 1809 -- Note for $10.27 from Oren Case and Obed Blaksey payable in nine months to Zophar Topping, Administrator, Estate of John Topping [John Topping Estate, Worthington, Ohio Estate Records, 1803-1850, pp. 19-21]



Folder 1810-1819


 [Many of the items in this folder are examples of the transactions conducted by Ezra Griswold as Sharon Twp. justice of the peace, other notable items are letters from his son George H. Griswold who married Mila Thompson on May 21, 1820 but was apparently courting two other girls months earlier, and the complete inventory of the Griswold Tavern in August 1819 when Ezra transferred everything to George to avoid confiscation by debtors after the national banking collapse that year]


 1. Jan. 18, 1810 -- Contract between Worthington Academy Trustees James Kilbourn, John Goodrich, Moses Maynard, and Ezra Griswold with Denman Coe to farm the school farm lot


 2.  Feb. 9, 1810 -- Contract between St. John's Church Trustees John Goodrich, Ezra Griswold, and Alexander Morrison, Jr. with Ebenezer Brown to farm the church farm lot


 3. Examples of Justice of the Peace transactions -- Feb. 17, 1810, J. Buttles sold property to pay plaintiff; July 29, 1810 payment by Abiel Case; No date; Zophar Topping execution of $3.25 debt by ------ Bartlett [$6.86 1/2 with court costs]; Jan. 29, 1814, Execution for wagons sold to E. Griswold, Jr.; Sept. 15, 1817, payment by G.H. Griswold to Samuel Ellison for set of blacksmith tools


 4. Mar. 26, 1810 -- Chauncey Barker's itemized account with Worthington Academy for $51. 25 of carpentry work from Sept. 29, 1809 to Feb. 23, 1810 -- cornices, modilions, shingling


 5. Apr. 11, 1810 -- Horace Wolcott of Granville for $1 paid by Ezra Griswold grants use of John Sweet's patent bee hive


 6. May 6, 1810 -- Letter from Joseph Davis, Pittsburgh to James Kilbourne, Worthington acknowledging receipt of $30 payment but complaining about giving his own note for the remainder and requesting full payment


 7. June 3, 1810 -- Levi Pinney note for $16.38 to Sullivant & Starling of Franklinton to be paid in "good merchantable Fall Hogs" weighing at least 150 lbs. each


 8. Aug. 20, 1810 -- Letter from Ashbel Baldwin, Stratford, [CT] to Ezra Griswold, John Goodrich, John Morrison, Worthington regarding their request for an Episcopal minister


 9. Sept. 1, 1810 -- Ezra Griswold receipt for $307.81 paid in full by Worthington Academy


 10. Sept. 20, 1810 -- Thomas Palmer judgment against James Russell for $9.09 debt


 11. Sept. 28, 1810 -- Ezra Griswold $4 receipt from Lyne Starling, Clerk, Franklin Co. Treasurer for one year tavern license


 12. Dec. 20, 1810 -- Note from Chester Pinney to Isaiah Taylor for $13 plus interest for one year


 13. May 25, 1811 -- [Alvin?] Case requests J.P. attachment against Joseph Retton who has left Ohio owing him a debt


 14. May 27, 1811 -- Summons from J.P. Ezra Griswold to James Adams and Bela Tuller to appear as witnesses in case of State of Ohio vs. Alexander Barret


 15. July 22, 1811 -- Judgment in action by Zophar Topping, Administrator of John Topping estate to collect $14.42 debt by Roswell Wilcox


 16. July 22, 1811 -- Draft of letter from Ezra Griswold, Worthington to J. Green regarding gossip about his treatment of the Widow Hammond, desire that whole story be told

 17. July 23, 1811 & Mar. 23, 1812 -- Receipts from John Kilbourn, Worthington Academy principal, for terms ending June 22, 1811 and Mar.  21, 1812


 18. Oct. 7, 1811 -- Order from Ezra Griswold, JP to Sharon Twp. Constable to obtain judgment from John S. Derickson for debt of $23.55 to Preserved Leonard; Nov. 5, 1811 report from Israel P. Case, Constable for collection of $8. 50 on this debt


 19. Nov. 2, 1811 -- Request from Worthington Academy incorporators for John Jones to deliver to James Russel, bearer of the note, twenty-five bushels of corn due from farming the school lot. Signed by Isaac Case, Janes. M. Mills, Joel Buttles, Ezra Griswold, John Goodrich


 20. Jan. 25, 1812 -- Valentine Leber, Amanda to Worthington Academy Trustees, J.M. Hills, John Goodrich, Joel Buttles, James Russell, Isaac Case requesting payment of note for $307.81 with interest [see Sept. 1, 1810]


 21. Jan. 30, 1812 -- Thomas Palmer $40 note to Lincoln Goodale to be paid in whiskey


 22. Feb. 27, 1812 -- Contract between Worthington Academy Trustees, Ezra Griswold, John Goodrich, James Russell, Isaac Case, Recompence Stansbery, James Kilbourn and Joseph Mitchel and Herman Wheeler to rent 40 acres of school lot with cabin and crib until Mar. 1, 1813, payment to be 12 bushels of corn per acre


 23. Feb. 28, 1812 -- Contract from Lois Topping to rent the farm "on which she now lives which was lately the Property of her husband who is now understood to be dead" to John W. Weaver for one year -- Weaver's family to live in "chamber of the brick house in which she now resides"


 24. Mar. 23, 1812 -- Note signed by subscribers James Kilbourn, John Goodrich, Ezra Griswold, James Russell, Recompence Stansbery, John Noffman to pay $20 total to John Goodrich, treasurer for interior carpentry work dividing classrooms


 25. Aug. 24. 1812 -- Contract between Dan and Luther Case and Peter Milligan for Milligan to serve as substitute for Luther Case in Capt. Israel P. Case's Light Infantry Company, to be given $100, but only $20 if he serves no more than one month [Adjunct
General records show that Capt. Case's Co. served from Aug. 24 to Oct. 4, 1812 and May 4 to May 27, 1813 -- Peter Milligan is listed as a Private]


 26. Oct. 22, 1812; May 1, 1815; Sept. 25, 1815; Feb. 25, 1816; Apr. 12, 1816 -- Minutes of annual meetings of Worthington Academy incorporators [fall] to elect officers and Board of Trustees [irregular dates] for business relating to collecting payments of new subscribers, renting farm lot, etc. Trustees in this period: James Kilbourn, John Goodrich, Recompence Stansbery, John Kilbourn, William Robe, Noah Andrews, Joel Buttles, James H. Hills, Levi Pinney


 27. Feb. 18, 1813 -- Letter from R. Kirchwal, Jefferson Plains, Ohio to Ezra Griswold, Worthington notifying him of the appointment of a committee to resolve his dispute with Masonic brother Joseph Green -- June 15, 1813, Letter from Philoman Beecher to Ezra Griswold indicating committee hearing is postponed to July 22-23 at Worthington Lodge


 28. Mar. 12, 1813 -- Contract by Worthington Academy Trustees John Kilbourn, John Goodrich, Chauncey Barker, William Robe for Ezra Griswold and Eliphalet Barker to rent 13 acres of school lot on east side of Whetstone River for 187 bushels of corn delivered by Dec. 25th


 29. Mar. 18, 1813 -- Note from Lincoln Goodale, Franklinton requesting Ezra Griswold to initiate suit against John Huffman for $21.83 debt [itemized] -- he has appointed Joel Buttles his agent to collect


 30. Apr. 15, 1813 -- Agreement between Ezra Griswold and Denman Coe for his daughter Betsey to work at the Griswold Tavern until she is eighteen years old [May 22, 1817] during which she is to receive food, lodging, clothing, six months schooling and at the conclusion a dowry consisting of prescribed clothing and bedding


 31. Apr. 17, 1813 -- Draft report by John Kilbourn to trustees regarding "present pecuniary situation of the Worthington Academy" -- detailing rental problems for school farm lot by Soloman Jones and commitments to John Goodrich & Eliphalet Barker for interior carpentry


 32. Apr. 24, 1813 -- Joseph Greer note for $16 to William Robe for rental until Nov. 1st of house formerly owned by William Robe


 33. July 9, 1813 -- Receipt from William [Bisset?] to Ezra Griswold in full payment for swarm of bees delivered one year ago


 34. Oct. 9, 1813 -- Warrant from Sharon Township Trustees Glass Cochran, Isaac
Case, and Recompence Stansbery to Obadiah Benedict & Ezra Griswold, Overseers of the Poor, to give Levi Goodrich's family support as needed


 35. Dec. 4, 1813 -- Caleb Brice $350 mortgage to Ezra Griswold for three town lots in Worthington


 36. Jan. 31, 1814 -- Ezra Griswold itemized account for $55.30 with A. Morrison & Co. and receipt for payment


 37. Feb. 5, 1814 -- Ten subscribers sign agreement to pay a proportionate share to build a fishing net eight rods long and 12 feet high for the purpose of fishing at Lower Sandusky -- to be ready Mar. 15th


 38. Feb. 11, 1814 -- Judgment from Ezra Griswold, Jacob Fairfield, and Nehemiah Sabin regarding dispute between Josiah Topping and Joseph Sage


 39. Feb. 25, 1814 -- Note from Joel Buttles to Recompence Stansbery regarding $18 bill from Buttles & Smith for advertising and printing handbills for Worthington Academy


 40. June 21, 1814 -- Itemized account for fishing company expenses at Upper Sandusky


 41. Aug. 14, 1814 -- Ezra Griswold receipt to collect accounts for printing office in Columbus, Western Intelligencer $134.39 [including notes on Richard Gale for $4.21 and one on Homan Wallace for $10.18 3/4]


 42. Aug. 18, 1814 -- Ezra Griswold receipt for collecting $37.13 for notes against Simeon Wilcox, Josiah Topping, William Higgins, Darius Bardsley, Daniel Wallace, Isaiah Wallace, & Henry Stone, $4.21 1/2 each; Herman Wallace, $3.32 1/2; Abner P. Pinney, $2.00; John J. More, $1.55; and Isaac Bartlett, $.75


 43. Nov. 15, 1814 -- Griswold, JP summons to William Simpson for $21 debt to Orlando Case; Nov. 26 -- Summons to Glass Cochran for $22 debt to William Robe


 44. Dec. 3, 1814 -- Ezra Griswold, JP order to constable to collect William Robe's $94. 38 1/2 judgment including court costs against Thomas Palmer or transport him to jail

 45. Dec. 21, 1814 -- Fishing company accounts


 46. Feb 6, 1815 to May 16, 1817 -- Alexander Morrison account with Ezra Griswold for $271.99


 47. Sept. 9, 1815 -- $7.28  Note from Jere. Boardman & Asa Gillet to Eliphalet Barker estate; Dec. 28, 1816 -- Receipt from Thomas Palmer for $10 paid to Ezra Griswold by Charles Thompson


 48. Oct. 14, 1815 -- Agreement between Ezra Griswold and Moses Watts, Norwich Twp. for Watts to deliver one barrel of whiskey per week from Nov. 1 to Apr. 1, Griswold to pay 62 1/2 cents per gallon


 49. Nov. 1, 1815 -- Receipt from Franklin Co. Jailor David Justice for delivery of James Ashby by Sharon Twp. constable John Goodrich on commitment by Ezra Griswold, Sharon Twp. JP


 50. Jan. 18, 1816 -- Griswold receipt for $25 note due from Eri Bristol to Major Hector Kilbourn


 51. Feb. 6, 1816 -- Contract from Worthington Academy Trustees to lease academy farm lot to Thomas Patterson from Feb. 6 to Dec. 1, 1816


 52. Apr. 1, 1816 -- Contract between James A. Hills, Administrator of Eliphalet Barker estate and Jonathan Thompson for the latter to farm sixty acres in Liberty Twp., Delaware Co., on east side of Whetstone River between farms of Ebenezer Goodrich and Peter Barker


 53. Apr. 3, 1816 -- Receipt of Ezra Griswold to collect notes ranging from $1 to $6.25 from the following: Ira Bradley, Hezekiah Benedict, Obadiah Benedict, Homan Wallace, Martin Case, Daniel Beardsley, Eri Bristol, Abiel Case, Levi Pinney, Charles Thompson, Joseph Greer, Chester Griswold George Case, Sr., William Thompson, William Watson, Abel Jones


 54. Apr. 22, 1816 -- Henry Morrison note to pay Orange Johnson $10.87 1/2


 55. May 9, 1816 -- Election of Worthington Academy officers -- Trustees: Chester Pinney, Recompence Stansbery, Chester Griswold, James Russell, John Goodrich, James H. Hills, Amos Hawley; Stansbery, Treasurer; Griswold, Clerk; Goodrich, Collector


 56. June 18, 1816 -- Ezra Griswold account with Alexander Morrison & Co., Columbus


 57. July 8, 1816 -- Report of R. Stansbery, Worthington Academy Treasurer, listing forty-one subscribers and amounts paid -- total $149


 58. July 9, 1816 -- Agreement from Levi Pinney to Edward & William L. Williams, all of Worthington, to rent 100 acre farm and brick house lately occupied by Samuel Beach, deceased for term of three years


 59. Oct. 4, 1816 -- L[incoln] Goodale receipt for $58.87 1/2 paid by Ezra Griswold for 65 gallons of whisky and two barrels


 60. Dec. 11, 1816 -- Agreement by Obadiah Benedict to labour for Ezra Griswold for one year for $144


 61. May 5, 1817 -- Election of Worthington Academy Officers -- Trustees: Recompence Stansbery, James Kilbourn, Ezra Griswold, Stephen Maynard, Chauncey Barker, James H. Hills, Chester Griswold; Treasurer, Recompence Stansbery; Clerk, Chester Griswold; Collector, George H. Griswold


 62. Aug. 13, 1817 -- Receipt from Jonathan Park for set of blacksmith tools formerly belonging to Samuel Ellison; Sept. 26, 1817 -- Park agrees to pay $67.54 to G.H. Griswold for blacksmith tools


 63. Aug. 20, 1817 -- Receipt from Betsey Ferguson, Jane Brown, and Rachel Brown indicating satisfaction for cost of suit by Edward Williams against Daniel N. Brown


 64. Aug. 28, 1817 -- Agreement between Ezra Griswold and Amos Atwood to work for six months for $12 per month, part to be paid with a horse valued at $45


 65. 13 Sept. 1817 -- $15 Appraisal by Moses Brown & Jonathan Sherman of horse taken up by John W. Weaver; Jan. 6, 1818 -- $23.50 Appraisal by A[ora] Buttles and Hector Kilbourn of stray mare colt taken up by Jacob Fairfield - advertised in Ohio Monitor


 66. Oct. 30, 1817 -- Personal letter from G.H. Griswold to Miss Prudence Lewis who is visiting at the lake -- gossip about friends in Worthington


 67. Nov. 1, 1817 -- Receipt from Orange Johnson, Supervisor for $27.25 in labour by Obadiah Benedict for Ezra Griswold road tax for 1817


 68. Dec. 22, 1817 -- Agreement by Ezra Griswold to rent his "new brick house on the west side of Main Street in Worthington" to Zachariah Mills until Mar. 1st for $10 per month


 69. Feb. 26, 1818 -- Draft of letter from G.H. Griswold to Prudence Lewis -- local gossip about weekly cotillions, rides in his new "slay," Miss Mila Thompson, houses A. Buttles is to build for various people including "Mr. Johnson"


 70. Mar. 9, 1818 -- Moses Brown note to pay Ezra Griswold $30.82 1/2


 71. Apr. 10, 1818 -- Lemuel Rogers note to pay Urich Case $5.00


 72. Apr. 16, 1818 -- Note from G.H. Griswold to Miss Myra Barnes regretting an accident prevents his "waiting on her" for the party this evening


 73. May 5, 1818 -- Ezra Griswold, Jr., Columbus to his father requesting Edwin to help him [sixteen-year-old brother]


 74. May 8, 1818 -- Peter & Cynthia Barker, administrators of estate of Elipalet Barker lease six acres "west of road leading from Worthington to Delaware and west of Whetstone River" and use of cabin to Francis Jones until Dec. 1st

 75. June 18, 1818 -- Agreement between Ezra Griswold and Ebenezer Brown for his daughter Polly to work for Griswold until she is eighteen (3 years) for food, lodging, schooling, and clothing


 76. June 19, 1818 -- Cyrus Fay of Delano & Fay, Columbus to E.H. [sic] Griswold, Worthington, note and itemized $16 for shipment of glass bottles, decanters, tumblers, wine glasses, etc.


 77. July 6, 1818 -- James Kilbourn, Col. 3rd Regt. 2nd Brigade, 7th Division to Capt. Arory Buttles requesting he notify officers of his company to meet at Franklinton the 27th & 28th for instruction in Military Tactics


 78. July 17, 1818 -- G.H. Griswold to Miss R.P. Cooke offering to take her home this evening or tomorrow morning


 79. July 31, 1818 -- Calvin H. Case, Norton, Ohio to George H. Griswold saying payment of his note is being sent by way of B[yron] Kilbourn for payment by Worthington Manufacturing Co. Store No. 1


 80. Aug. 24, 1818 -- G.H. Griswold note to Miss R.P. Cooke offering a riddle as the clue to happiness


 81. Nov. 1818 -- G.H. Griswold letter to Miss R.P. Cooke, Clinton realizing that his love is not reciprocated


 82. Dec. 21, 1818 -- G.H. Griswold letter to Miss Mila Thompson stating how much he enjoys her company


 83. Dec. 23, 1818 -- Draft of letter written but not sent from G.H. Griswold, Worthington to Miss R.P. Cooke, Clinton requesting the pleasure of her company [his brother Ezra, Jr. married Philecta Cooke, probably a sister, in 1814]


 84. 1818 -- Copy of title page of 5th edition of John Kilbourn's "The Ohio Gazetteer & Topical Dictionary'' property of E. Griswold, Jr. -- also 6 1/4 cent shinplaster No. 52 signed by Ezra Griswold, Sept. 23rd, 1816


 85. Jan. 27, 1819 -- Orris Parrish, Columbus to Col. James Kilbourn, Worthington letter indicating no action by legislature regarding bill for college at Worthington


 86. Feb. 5, 1819 -- List of thirty-eight subscribers to build a new wing to the on the Academy for Worthington College -- itemized amount of pledge and method of payment


 87. Mar. 13, 1819 -- Letter from R.P.C[ooke], Clinton to G.H. Griswold thanking him for piece of music


 88. May 27, 1819 -- Notice from James Kilbourn, President to "Friends of the College" seeking cash for operating expenses


 89. July 23, 1819 -- Leonard H. Cowles letter to Col. James Kilbourn, Worthington expressing gratitude for honor of being appointed but a family matter prevented his attending a meeting of the College Board of Trustees


 90. Aug. 16, 1819 -- Bill of Sale from Ezra Griswold to George H. Griswold for $3579.56 1/4 giving a complete inventory of the tavern stand and the house in which Ezra now resides -- everything from livestock to furnishings to personal clothing


 91. Sept. 30, 1819 -- Rev. P[hilander] Chase account with Ezra Griswold from July 30, 1817


 92. Nov. 6, 1819 -- Orris Parrish, Columbus to Col. James Kilbourn & Ezra Griswold, Sr. regarding John Goodrich notes to John Kilbourn on behalf of College Trustees



Folder 1820-1829


[Ezra Griswold died Oct. 2, 1822. Most of the items in this folder were generated or acquired by his son George H. Griswold who continued to operate the Griswold Tavern and served as sexton of St. John's Cemetery keeping a burial record from 1825 to 1843. Several court judgments in the early 1820s reflect the national bank collapse of 1819 and its effect on Ohio. Various itemized accounts of debits and credits convey a picture of commercial activity in an era when barter prevailed. Items pertaining to Franklin Bank suit against G.H. Griswold claiming fraudulent property transfer to avoid Ezra's debt. ]


 1. Feb. 24, 1820 -- Ezra Griswold, JP summons to Arory Buttles for judgment on debt to Hector Kilbourn -- $8.54 to be satisfied by "specie or specie paying Banks of this State or Columbus Bills only"


 2. Mar. 2, 1820 -- Ezra Griswold, JP order to constable to transport Eri Bristol to jail for unpaid debt of $8.48 from Oct. 18, 1819 judgment by Staunton & Morris -- Return by Sharon Twp. Constable J. Boardman unsatisfied because defendant was too sick


 3. Mar. 3. 1820 -- Ezra Griswold, JP order to constable to seize goods and chattels of Lyman Andrews in payment of $43.52 1/2 judgment May 22, 1819 by suit of John Butler, Administrator of Estate of Peter Hariff - Constable J. Boardman return unsatisfied as defendant moved out of state


 4. Mar. 31, 1820 (Good Friday) -- Draft of letter from G.H. Griswold to Mila Thompson regarding seeking her father's approval of their marriage and the nature of the vows they would take [they were married May 21, 1820]


 5. Apr. 18, 1820 -- $2.25 bill to George H. Griswold from B[yron] Kilbourn for D[emas] Adams for rent of two 18 gallon sugar kettles for half of the sugar season


 6. May 1-Nov. 27, 1820 -- Various orders from Ezra Griswold, JP. for constables to collect debts owed to Stanton Morris from Eri Bristol, Hector Kilbourn from Samuel Baldwin, Icabod Cowles from Robert Hor, Martin Case from Jeremiah Boardman, Samuel Wilson from David Roberts, Joseph Lewis from John Crippen, Lydia Sloper from John Crippen, State of Ohio from Elijah Carpenter, Zoraster Griswold from Eri Bristol, Archibald Elliott from Joel Channey, William Dean from Samuel Mogul, Tracey Wilcox from Henry Morrison, James H. Hills from John Youell, Jesse Andrews from Warren Willcox, Fannie Steward from Joseph Crippen, Peter Huffman from Joseph Crippen [evidence of the banking crisis of 1819]


 7. May 9, 1820 -- Judgment in Supreme Court case of Philo Olmsted [Ezra Griswold, Jr.'s joint proprietor in printing office] vs David Smith -- $200 damages + court costs


 8. May 10, 1820 -- Note from Isaac Hor promising to pay $25 "to answer an assignment for College in Materials for building Masonic Hall"


 9. June 18-26, 1820 -- Letter from Julia P. Strong, Worthington to her sister Cynthia, [Delaware Co.] she is attending school at Academy, describes death of Emily Griswold from "distressing disorder in the head which entirely baffles the physician's skills," [d. June 21, age 17], school friends weeping, mother distraught, Rev. Chase prayed with her, gave funeral sermon


 10. July 18, 1820 -- Ezra Griswold, JP order to constable to conduct "distress sale" for $2.52 judgment for Philo Zin against John & Mathias Holden -- return by Constable J. Boardman indicates debt satisfied by sale of gun for $2.37 1/2


 11. July 20, 1820 -- Ezra Griswold, JP order to constable to take Eri Bristol to jail for $1.52 judgment for Isaac Case -- return by Constable J. Boardman "ordered by plantif not to put the defendant to goal on this"


 12. July 26, 1820 -- Agreement by Edward Williams to rent cabin and garden plot on school farm to James Wallace until Dec. 1, 1820 for $1.50 per month plus hauling with his team


 13. July 1820 -- G.H. Griswold will allow Mr. Reid 6 or 7 days work to offset his note to P[reserve] Leonard -- G.H. Griswold will pay R.W. Cowles $3 account against P. Leonard as soon as he can from sale of mill stones or rental of land, signed O.L. Leonard


 14. Nov. 17, 1820 -- Receipt from Philander Chase, Jr. to Ezra Griswold for $5


 15. Dec. 18, 1820 -- Edward Mallory account with Widow [Lois] Topping for 474 days school tuition $20.52 -- Mallory's account with Griswold from Dec. 1817 $17.46


 16. Apr. 2, 1821 -- Completion of agreement between Ezra Griswold and Denman Coe for his daughter Myres to work for Griswold from Oct. 16, 1815 to Apr. 2, 1821 [terms the same as Denman's daughter Betsey -- see Apr. 15, 1813]


 17. May 22, 1821 -- Worthington College Trustees Philander Chase, Jr., Chauncey Barker, Recompense Stansbery, James Kilbourn, Chester Griswold, and R.W. Cowles lease to G.H. Griswold a strip of land twenty feet wide and sixteen rods long on north bounded by Griswold's lots and on west by public square -- College to pay Griswold $40 to build board fence with two gates


 18. July 13, 1821 -- G.H. Griswold receipt for Griswold & Spencer for Abraham Courtright's payment for two-year subscription to Franklin Chronicle [newspaper published at Worthington at that time]; Jan. 9, 1822 -- Ezra Griswold receipt from Moses Bell one fat hog weighing 140 pounds


 19. Aug. 10, 1821 -- Deed from Job Case, Licking Co. to Demos Adams, Franklin Co. for town lot #88 in Worthington, consideration $30.


 20. Aug. 15, 1821 -- Joshua Cummins settlement of his account with Griswold before Esq. Buttles -- itemized accounts since July 1, 1820


 21. Dec. 1821 -- School Bill for 1821 lists 39 names and the number of days each was charged for scholars attending -- Total $62.86


 22. Jan. 4, 1822 -- R.W. Cowles & S[tephan] Maynard of the Worthington College Corporation settle the $28.80 balance of accounts due Ezra and G.H. Griswold


 23. May 27, 1822 -- Copy of letter from Ezra Griswold to his brother Samuel Griswold describing dissatisfaction throughout Worthington with Bishop Chase as Rector of St. John's and President of the College and his son as professor -- church is declining and college closed during absences -- enquires about possible missionary from New England to serve Worthington Episcopalians


 24. Mar. 12, 1823 -- Note from G.H. Griswold to his brother Ezra asking him to credit Mr. Sherman $2 for newspapers against debt George owes Sherman


 25. Aug. 16, 1823 -- Demas Adams & wife Susan of Worthington for $20 convey Lot 88 in Worthington to G.H. Griswold -- A. Buttles, JP


 26. Jan. 8, 1824 -- Zenas Ross for consideration of $55 conveys to G.H. Griswold the "small frame house situated a few rods east of the burying ground in Worthington . . . where I formerly lived. . . authorize him. . .remove it. . . wherever he pleases . . . not exceeding three months from this date" [possibly the house now on the NE corner of Hartford and Dublin-Granville Rd.]


 27. Feb. 11, 1824 -- Obadiah Benedict's account with G.H. Griswold from Dec. 25, 1822 to final settlement -- itemized expenses & payments in kind eg. work @ $1 per week, keep your cow & sheep in pasture, "helped move house 3/4 day"


 28. Apr. 10, 1824 -- Agreement between Committee of Worthington College: A. Buttles, C. Ripley, & R.W. Cowles and Recompence Stansbery to lease eighty acre college farm lot west of Worthington plat for three years effective Mar. 1, 1824


 29. June 1824 -- Notes by G.H. Griswold regarding maintenance costs and potential rental value of several town lots he owns


 30. Sept. 3, 1824 -- Report from Andrew Dildine & George W. Kalb to Brigadier General John Warner, 7th Brigade, 7th Division of Ohio Militia certifying election Daniel D. Goodwin as 1st Lt. of the 1st Rifle Co. -- lists names of forty members present and voting [?? do not appear to be Worthington names]


 31. Dec. 27, 1824 to Jan. 12, 1829 -- Ira Metcalf's itemized account of debits and credits with G.H. Griswold


 32. Apr. 19, 1825 -- St. John's Trustees appoint George H. Griswold scxton of the parish and to keep a record of all burials in the church yard [these were transcribed in 1989 and are incorporated in the cemetery records on the Worthington Library website]


 33. Oct. 13, 1826 -- Receipt from Chauncey Barker to Recompence Stansbery and Charles Wetmore for payment of all accounts due from Worthington College


 34. 1826 -- List of 52 names and militia fines collected by G.H. Griswold for years from 1822 through 1826 -- Total due $66.25 -- receipt signed by Orange Johnson, Pay Master


 35. 1826 -- Receipt to George H. Griswold for $12.83 for 1826 taxes on 18 specified lots in Worthington, $1.14 for 44 acres of land in Sharon Twp., and $1.16 on horses and cattle


 36. Jan. 10, 1828 -- Certification from James Kilbourn, President that John Goodrich, Sr. has paid $50 for two shares in the Worthington College Corporation


 37. Mar. 16, 1828 -- Letter from Ezra Griswold, Jr., Delaware to G.H. Griswold [addressing his brother as Harlow] regarding settlement of father's estate, suit to be settled against him by "Squire" Goodrich, "I shall not come down until I complete the Grand Lodge painting" [two of his sons became well known artists]


 38. Aug. 1, 1828 -- Letter from Charles H. Wetmore, Surgeon, 2nd Reg., 7th Brigade, Ohio Militia to Col. G.H. Griswold, Worthington, Ohio resigning from the militia


 39. Oct. 10, 1828 -- Oliver L. Leonard appoints G.H. Griswold power of attorney for any business or claims regarding apprentice Shelburn Gallaspie, bound to him and Lyman B. House


 40. Nov. 15, 1828 -- Franklin Co. Chancery Court case Franklin Bank, Columbus vs. George H. Griswold -- Deposition from Obadiah Benedict, employed at tavern 1816 to 1824 -- prior to 1816 G.H. worked for Amos Maxfield at brickyard; age 21 began managing tavern, father busy as JP; 1819 Ezra sold tavern to G.H. and moved his family to new home across street; G.H. complete charge of tavern, buying and selling livestock, operating brickyard & lime kiln, market garden & seed sales; heard G.H. admit his father was much in debt at time he conveyed property to him


 41. Nov. 15, 1828 -- Notes in G.H. Griswold handwriting regarding depositions from R. Stansbery, D. Adams, & B. Comstock who did business with both Ezra & G.H. Griswold; deposition from Ruth Griswold [wife of Ezra, mother of G.H.] saying G.H. furnished most of materials for new house they moved to when G.H. took over tavern


 42. Nov. 29, 1828 -- J.R. Swan summary of Franklin Bank suit; originated in failure of James Kilbourn to pay $1000 note due Apr. 15, 1819; bank filed claim against John Goodrich & Ezra Griswold, Guarantors; at time of Ezra's death estate was insolvent;

itemizes town and farm lots owned by Griswold and charges Ezra's transfer to G.H. was to "cheat and defraud" bank, G.H. being a young man with no assets for purchase


 43. Oct. 12, 1829 -- Agreement: Isaac N. Case pledges $2000 bond for care of his aging parents Isaac and Jane Case for remainder of their natural lives, his father bestows all "movable and personal property" on his son


 44. Nov. 28, 1829 -- Summary in handwriting of G.H. Griswold regarding Ezra Griswold, Jr.'s deposition in Franklin Bank suit -- confirms G.H. was contributing major part of family's support from 1819 on



Folder 1830-1839


[Many items in this folder deal with militia affairs, most notably the court martial and conviction of General George H. Griswold for neglect of duty]


 1. Nov. 17, 1830 -- Letter from O.L. Leonard, Lexington, KY to Col. G.H. Griswold, Worthington, while attending medical society lectures at Cincinnati and is pleased at prospect of a medical school at Worthington; discusses law suit and possible settlement by deeding land


 2. June 13, 1831 -- G.H. Griswold note for $8.75 cost of making military pantaloons & vest and fixing military coat


 3. Mar. 17, 1833 -- Letter from J. Brelsford, Waynesville, Ohio to Gen. Griswold, Worthington, Ohio introducing Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Harris coming to Worthington as students [Worthington Medical College?] wishing to board with Griswold


 4. Apr. 23, 1834 -- Letter from G.H. Griswold, Worthington to A. Buttles, Columbus regarding militia business and equipment


 5. May 27, 1834 -- A. Buttles inspection of Capt. George Beals 3rd Company of the first squadron of Cavalry of the 3rd Brigade and 16th Div. of Ohio Militia; thirty-six cavalry sabers & forty-eight cavalry pistols provided by Gen. G.H. Griswold, Brigade Commander -- George Beals, Jacob M. Allen, & Johnson under $1344 bond for equipment


 6. Apr. 10, 1835-Apr. 17, 1843 -- Partial list of materials and costs for St. John's Church construction - plaster mortar, walnut boards, scaffold boards, bell rope, etc. $42.00 1/2


 7. Nov. 7, 1835 -- Letter from C.P. McIlvaine [Episcopal Bishop of Ohio and President of Kenyon College Divinity School], Dayton, Ohio to Rev. Erastus Burr, Worthington, Ohio, regarding plans to travel from Springfield to Columbus by stage, asks for carriage to Worthington for consecration service [St. John's Church] and arrangements for his trunk to be sent to Mt. Vernon


 8. Mar. 28, 1836 -- Letter from A. Buttles, Columbus to Gen. Griswold, Col Reynolds questioning whether he left commissions for cavalry with Griswold


 9. June 17, 1836 -- Letter from Mary Case, Granville to Lawrence B. Case, Worthington [brother] sharing news of her school and cousins, complaining about food


 10. Sept. 17, 1836 -- Election return for School District #4, Sharon Twp., [south of Worthington] 27 electors listed by name, committee: William Topping, Daniel Pomery, G.T. Andrus


 11. Apr. 17, 1838 -- Arrest order from George Sanderson, Major General, 7th Division, Ohio Militia, Lancaster Headquarters, to George Griswold, General, 2nd Brigade on complaints of Major G.W. Robinson, Captain Joseph A. Reynolds, Lieutenant R. Shields and others, Court Martial at Circleville, May 17th -- Charge 1, neglected duties for two years, no musters; Charge 2, ignored repeated requests by other officers to perform duties of militia law; Charge 3, made no returns to Major General, brigade has become disorganized; signed by nine officers


 12. May 17, 1838 -- Partial transcript of court martial proceedings at Circleville, questioning of militia witnesses; Verdict: Guilty of Charge 1, decommissioned; Not Guilty of Charge 2 which was deemed too vague; Guilty of Charge 3, fined $80; signed by Samuel Fellacorackan, Brigade General President and Wiliam J. Peese, Brigade Major Judge Advocate


 13. Aug. 16, 1838 -- Letter from C.E. Burr, Worthington to brother, Rev. Erastus Burr, LeGrange, Tenn; family news, church the same old way but hopes Mr. Helfinstein will create awakening; Sunday school doing well, names teachers [he appears to be superintendent]


 14. Sept. 15, 1838 -- G.H. Griswold to R.W.Cowles, reports names of ten persons in his [school] district


 15. 1838 -- Tax Receipt from Willian Long, Franklin Co. Treasurer to George H. Griswold for $87.52.6 mills for six parcels of land totaling 367 acres, eight town lots with the tavern lot most valuable at $2183. Real estate tax $76.81.4 and personal property $10.71.2



Folder 1840-1849


[Items during this period tend to reflect ordinary village life -- a young girl describing her sister's death from scarlet fever; Griswold's son-in-law attempting to establish a medical practice at Lebanon, Ohio; efforts by college trustees to lease their unoccupied building for a school; students at the Female Seminary sharing gossip about the young people of the village; Griswold's management of the local post office.]


 1. Mar. 10, 1840 -- Report from R.W. Cowles settling the Worthington College Trustees account with A. Buttles & also Mr. Lewis $2.75 preparing the room for Mr. Nash school


 2. Nov. 21, 1840 -- Letter from Cynthia Cowles, Worthington [daughter of R.W. & Laura Kilbourn Cowles] to Emma Carey, Tymochee [daughter of John & Dorcas Wilcox Carey] classmate at Worthington Female Seminary describing death of her sister Gertrude from scarlet fever, sharing news of Worthington residents and classmates, new teachers and more than 40 scholars at Seminary


 3. Nov. 23, 1840 -- Note "School commenced on the Lower Room of the Masonic Building Kept [by] R. R. Nash Nov 23, 1840 and continued to March the 21, 1841 at $4.00 pr month"


 4. Mar. 23, 1841 -- Letter from C.E. Burr, Worthington to his brother Rev. Erastus Burr, Portsmouth reports on visiting Episcopal church members to seek subscriptions of materials to build a parsonage, church without rector only occasional visiting ministers preach, children going to a school taught by Miss Carter, James Clark killed in a house of "ill fame" in Columbus

 5. Aug. 29, 1841 -- Letter from R.W. [Murdoph?], Worthington to James Kilbourn, President, Board of Trustees, Worthington College seeking to open a "liberal and classical" school in the unoccupied college building


 6. Dec. 17, 1841 -- F[lavel] Tuller and S[teven] Hoyt, Directors of the Common School for the town of Worthington request permission to use one side of the lower floor of the "College Ediface" and will be responsible for any damages


 7. Dec. 15, 1842 -- G.H. Griswold tax receipt for $39.84.8 mills tax on 6 farm parcels totaling 359 acres and 6 Worthington town lots plus $6.06.8 on personal property


 8. July 6, 1843 -- Warranty deed from G.H. Griswold to Friend Davis for 80 acres in Pleasant Twp., Marion Co. for $480


 9. Dec. 9, 1843 -- G.H. Griswold tax receipt for $16.89.6 on six town lots [all apparently vacant except for Lot 61 tavern site taxed at $15.24]


 10. Feb. 24, 1844 -- Letter from B.F. Johnson, Lebanon, Ohio [son-in-law, married to Griswold's daughter Emily, graduate of Worthington Medical College] to G.H. Griswold reporting mainly on family and local news


 11. Mar. 10, 1844 -- Letter from B.F. Johnson, Lebanon, Ohio to G.H. Griswold, Worthington, has not yet rented house but negotiating price, doesn't know his prospects yet

 12. Apr. 11, 1844 -- Letter from John Bamey, Mechanicsburgh to G.H. Griswold containing $10 to pay his subscription to the church for Rev. Elder


 13. May 15, 1844 -- Letter from B.F. Johnson, Lebanon to G.H. Griswold describing his medical practice and expressing concern about competition from a new doctor in town, a Methodist who "seems determined to storm the whole Methodist concern"


 14. May 22, 1844 -- Letter from B.F. Johnson, Lebanon to G.H. Griswold describing his medical prospects in Lebanon, [two] children want to visit Worthington but Emily doesn't think she can manage with them on the stage and he's too busy to drive buggy, bought set of Windsor back "split willow" painted chairs for $6 "the handsomest & most durable article I ever saw neat enough for a parlor chair"


 15. May 31, 1844 -- Order from G.H. Griswold, Worthington to R.N. & W.F. Comty, Dayton, OH for copies of "That Same Old Coon" to be sent to Thomas Van Brimmer, Sidney Brown, James Kilbourn, Lewis S. Ashbaugh, Ira Metcalf, & George Taylor


 16. June 10, 1844 -- Letter from B.F. Johnson, Lebanon to G.H. Griswold reports Emily is homesick to visit Worthington and asks if Ingham could be sent down for her, enquires about possibilities for medical practice in Worthington, offers to sell horse

 17. July 10, 1844 -- Letter from B.F. Johnson, Lebanon to G.H. Griswold. Emily is visiting her parents in Worthington, Dr. Johnson discusses prospects for returning there as he is "just about paying expenses" in Lebanon


 18. Dec. 4, 1844 -- Real estate tax receipt for G.H. Griswold - $17.64.4 for 6 town lots in Worthington, $31.04.8 for six farm parcels totaling 359 acres, $7 for personal property


 19. Oct. 1845 -- Worthington Post Office report for the month, 269 letters, 8 circulars, 831 newspapers, and 23 magazines and pamphlets


 20. Apr. 29, 1846 -- Letter from Worthington College Committee G.H. Griswold, P[otter] Wright, F[lavel] Tuller to R.R. Nash offering College building for school "such as was under you direction a few years since" -- offer no salary but $100 to $125 from school farm income to reduce tuition for scholars


 21. Sept. 9, 1846 -- Emma Carey, Worthington to her sister Cinderella Carey, Carey, Ohio shares news of Worthington friends and reports "the young gentlemen are getting very social. . .it is quite lively. We are somewhere almost every evening at Mr. Griswold's Mr. Barker's or some other place"


 22. Nov. 14, 1846 -- Letter from Noah C. Perkins, Postmaster, North Rochester, Massachusetts to G.H. Griswold, Postmaster, Worthington, Ohio regarding letter containing a $50 and a $10 bill mailed from his office on Aug. 22 by Mr. Gerrish to Joseph P. Phinney which has failed to arrive at Worthington


 23. Nov. 20, 1846 -- Ezra Griswold, Delaware to his brother Harlow [G.H.] reporting on taxes for Delaware Co. farm lots 17 and 20 for this year and last year's with penalty total $30.11.6 mills -- each lot is 200 acres, half owned by Howe


 24. Dec. 22, 1846 -- Draft of partial letter to someone G.H. Griswold believes should be thinking about who should handle the renting of his farm for the next season


 25. Dec. 23, 2846 -- G.H. Griswold tax receipt for same six farm parcels, six town lots, and personal property total $50.48


 26. Feb. 16, 1847 -- Letter from G.H. Griswold, Postmaster, Worthington to L.L. Dutcher, Postmaster, Port Clinton, Ohio requesting that he collect note for $25 due to Samuel Wilson from L.F. Harper


 27. Mar. 4, 1847 -- Letter from Lyman Howe, Shrewsbury to G.H. Griswold regarding his half ownership in Delaware farms, asking whether taxes have been paid and prospects for renters


 28. Apr. 5, 1847 -- Letter from G.H. Griswold, Worthington to T.M. Sloan, Marion describing "Snap," a gelding sired by "Godolphin" and foaled May 1, 1841, a handsome cream saddle horse with white mane and tail he is offering for sale for $100


 29. May 18, 1847 -- Letter from William Bruffit, Mt. Sterling to G.H. Griswold offering $9 per acre for Marion Co. farm Griswold offered for sale at $10, wants possession Aug. 1st, Griswold refuses to sell at that price


 30. May 30, 1847 -- G.H. Griswold note to unidentified recipient reporting "Mother is in a very critical condition . . .with her old rupture troubles" [Ruth Roberts Griswold died May 31, 1847]


 31. June 15, 1847 -- Letter from Mary [no surname] to Cinderella Cary reporting lots of gossip about mutual friends in Worthington, urging her to visit [G.H. had daughter Mary but she was only 13 at this time and wouldn't be talking about marriage,] the writer was clearly a student at Female Seminary and apparently a member of Presbyterian Church, her mother visited Mrs. Carey last fall [might be Mary Johnson but handwriting is questionable]


 32. Aug. 17, 1847 -- Letter from E.H. Clapp, Farmington, Illinois to G.H. Griswold, Worthington about forwarding mail to him


 33. Aug. 19-24, 1847 -- Correspondence between John McGinley, Postmaster, Rehoboth, Perry County, Ohio and G.H. Griswold, Postmaster, Worthington regarding collecting Mr. Crippen's claim against Mr. Vanloon of Rehoboth


 34. July 27, 1848 -- G.H. Griswold letter to Lyman Howe regarding farms in Orange Twp., Delaware Co. complaining that managing rental is more time consuming than he can undertake


 35. Sept. 2, 1848 -- Letter from Mary E. Weaver, Mt. Vernon to Mrs. Julia Case, Worthington describing her mother nearly dying and how she had been "bled - cupped -- and blistered" and now seems to be recovering


 36. Nov. 10, 1848 -- Draft of G.H. Griswold letter to unnamed recipient describing controversy over William Robe's estate -- man who claims to be son of Mrs. Absolom Graham, Robe's sister contests sale of four town lots in Worthington to Mr. Beers


 37. Mar. 15, 1849 -- Letter from Lyman Howe, Shrewsbury to G.H. Griswold regarding Delaware Co. farm land,  rejects Marcus Wilcox offer to buy north lot until lease expires in 1850, wonders how the railroad under construction will affect land values


 38. May 11, 1849 -- Draft of letter from G.H. Griswold to J. Collamer, Postmaster General enclosing petitions signed by 347 persons claiming to be legal electors requesting that Griswold be retained as Worthington Postmaster, says he is a Democrat and received appointment in July 1843 to fill vacancy created by death of R. Stansbery


 39. Aug. 7, 1849 -- Note from J.W. Copeland, Blendon Twp. to G.H. Griswold indicating he received summons to appear before George Taylor, Sharon Twp. JP but he is not well and unable to attend, asks Griswold to seek two week postponement


 40. Aug. 10, 1849 -- Letter from G.H. Griswold to Lyman Howe indicating he has offer from Mr. Station McDonald to buy "county line" farm at $6.00 per acre



Folder 1850-1859


[The most interesting items in this folder are the description of the completion of the railroad and its impact on local farmers and Griswold's power of attorney in the legal dispute regarding the R.W. Cowles house sale.]


 1. Dec. 2, 1850 -- Agreement between G.H. Griswold and Edmund Wilcox for Wilcox to keep twenty-four young cattle in Blendon Twp. until Apr. 1, 1851[four months] for 37 1/2 cents per month, or $1.50 per head


 2.  Feb. 25, 1851 -- G.H. Griswold to Lyman Howe reporting that Edmund Wilcox paid $105 last years rent and signed lease at same price for coming year, reports railroad is completed with "cars running through from the Ohio River at Cincinnati by Columbus to Lake Erie at Cleveland," mentions completion of plank road from this place [Worthington] to Columbus, railroad commissioners are now "building their depot on my land near this place [Worthington] and every neighborhood about are contriving facilities for reaching it with their produce"


 3. Oct. 23, 1851 -- Agreement between G.H. Griswold and Stephan L. Eaton for Eaton to keep about forty of Griswold's young cattle from mid-November to Mar. 1 at his place in Orange Twp. for 37 1/2 cents per month per head


 4. Feb. 16, 1852 -- List individually describing 38 of Griswold's cattle at Edmund Wilcox's and Stephan Eaton's apparently in preparation for selling them


 5. Mar. 29, 1852 -- Letter from Lyman Howe, Shrewsbury to G.H. Griswold expressing "Mrs. Howe's" satisfaction with Griswold's managing farm business -- May 19, 1852 -- draft of Griswold's response to Howe recommends he accept Mr. McElvain's offer to buy the County Line farm for $8 per acre, no action on a plank road to Galena, reports death of John Snow "for many years the head man amongst the Masonic fraternity"


 6. June 10, 1852 -- Letter from Edwin B. Olds, Washington City to G.H. Griswold describing upcoming Congressional election -- June 14, 1852 -- Griswold's reply pledging support for Olds candidacy


 7. Oct. 1, 1856 -- Francis C. Day, heir of Joseph B. Day, deceased, of Union Township, Essex Co., NJ grants G.H. Griswold Power of Attorney regarding his rights to property [Lot 109 in Worthington, current Worthington Inn site] conveyed Mar. 14, 1845 [Franklin Co. Deed Book 30, pp. 418-9] by Laura R. Cowles, et. al. [heirs of R.W. Cowles]


 8. 1852-1872 -- G.H. Griswold accounts



Folder 1860-1869


[Many of the items in this folder deal with Sharon Township Trustee expenses for school teachers and maintaining district schools, road maintenance, emergency support for paupers, supporting families of Civil War soldiers.]


 1. Apr. 7, 1860 -- L.H. Hoyt receipt for $512 from Mrs. Salome McElvain canceling the mortgage given Aug. 24, 1859 on her dower share of the Worthington Hotel property in the estate of Joseph McElvain, dec.


 2. Apr. 17, 1860 -- Note from G.H. Griswold, Crestline to his wife saying he has been delayed eight hours waiting for train to Chicago, expects to reach Mil[wauke] tomorrow night, doesn't know when he will be home


 3. May 14, 1860 -- Report and map from Flavel Tuller, Surveyor to Sharon Township Trustees for road from the from Worthington-Columbus Plank Rd. -- Viewers: Rodney Comstock, Horace Pitkin, & P.J. Wyeth; Surveyor: Flavel Tuller; Chainmen: Worthington Griswold & Franklin F. Tuller; Marker: H.W. Skeels -- $7.00 [Surveyor paid $2 per day, chainmen & marker $1]


 4. Feb. 19, 1863 --$12.01 Bill for bells, rulls, cranks, and wine


 5. July 28, 1863 -- List signed by Sharon Township Trustees Horatio Wright & Wm.C. Peck, S.R. Holt, Clerk naming fourteen women receiving payment of $2 or $3 each from the "fund for the support of families of Volunteers" [Civil War], Total $30


 6. May 10, 1864 to Sept. 7, 1872 -- List in G.H. Griswold handwriting of  expenses, visits of married daughters & grandchildren, death of wife Feb. 21, 1871 [appears to be prepared for one of his heirs? -- eg. May 10, 1864 "Sent you by mail today $2500"]


 7. Aug. 13, 1864 -- List signed by Sharon Twp. Trustees: Horatio Wright, C.E. Burr, & Willian Youel; S.R. Holt, Clerk naming 18 women receiving $3 to $8 each for "relief of families of Soldiers and Marines in the service of the State and United States, $86.00 total


 8. Feb. 11, 1865 -- List signed by Horatio Wright, C.E. Burr and S.R. Holt of 18 women receiving relief from $2 to $7 each, Total $68


 9. Mar. 8, 1868 -- Receipt from James W. Woroy?, Brevit Major General, from Lt. Charles L. Cooper, 3rd U.S. Infantry & Recruiting Officer, Ship Island Mississippi, $219.68 [ Lt. Cooper, later General Cooper, in retirement lived in the house Ruth Griswold had built in 1915, see Worthington Landmarks , p. 94]


 10. 1865-1869 -- Payments by Sharon Township Trustees to teachers in subdistrict schools: eg. $64 to Kate E. Burr, #3 for 60 days; $39 to Martha Holmes, #13, for 66 days; $20 to Frances N. Stout, #8, for 60 days; $66 to Mary Lewis, #1, for 66 days; $36 to Julia Sharp, #1, 60 days; $48 to Libbie Krender, #3, 65 days; $42 to Sella Getzendan, #4, for 66 days; $36 to Chlorlia Spencer, #5, for 66 days; $42 to Susan Paine, #6, for 66 days;  $24 to Lizzie Spayd, #8, for 66 days; $48 to Elnor S. Paine, #12, for 64 days; $32 to Paryntha Clements, #1, for 39 days; $50 to Susie Paine, #2, for 60 days; $54 to Amah C. Johnson, #3, for 60 days; $48 to M. J. Case, # 3, for 60 days; $45 to Mollie E. Darrach, #4, for 71 days; $12 to Alice Spencer, #5, for 23 days; $36 to Lizzie L. Jones, #6, for 66 days; $24 to Henriette White, # 5, for 40 days; $42 to Cora Richardson, #5, for 66 days; $24 to Lorena Rush, #7, for 44 days; $24 to Rowena Rine, #7, for 44 days; $45 to Elinor Paine, #11, for 66 days [the majority of the receipts do not indicate the number of days worked, making it difficult to compute daily salaries, but teachers universally received far less than the $1 per day paid male laborers such as the chainmen for surveying the cemetery road; one-room school teachers at this time and place were entirely female; significant variations in salary probably reflect the number of scholars enrolled and perhaps the teacher's experience]

 [Most receipts for fuel give no quantity but one for $12 for 8 cords of wood suggest a typical price of $1.50 per cord, numerous receipts for repairs to school houses do not specify the work done]                                                                                                                                                                                  


 11. Aug. 23, 1866 -- Printed program of Odd Fellows & Masons Festival at Wright's Grove, 10 musical numbers, addresses by James E. Wright and Rev. W.R. Parsons, Oration by Hon. Thomas Sparrow


 12. 1866-1869 -- Payments by Sharon Township Trustees for various services: eg. $2 to J.R. Fuson as Clerk of Election; $5.75 to Isaac Yoakam for plank and labor on road; $3.70 to James Wright, his percentage for disbursing $369.63 school funds the past year; $2 to Worthington School District for use of room to hold election; $2 to C.E. Burr for service as Sharon Twp. Trustee; $27.33 to Clerk of Common Pleas Court for costs in case of Elias Barker vs. Sharon Twp. Trustees; $12 to S.R. Holt for services as Township Clerk


 13. 1866-1869 -- Various payments by Sharon Township Trustees for the Relief Bureau: eg. $2.50 to Robert Lewis for board & shelter; $5.36 for temporary relief afforded James Barker & family; $5 for temporary relief afforded Mrs. Hutchison & $4.50 for ticket given pauper to Cleveland


 14. Mar. 20, 1867 -- W.F. Griswold, Supt., O. Johnson, Sec. Walnut Grove Cemetery, $2.50 bill from Glenn & Heide, Columbus for printing circular


 15. Sept. 12, 1867 -- William R. Chapin conveys lots 101, 102, & 103 in Morris Addition, Worthington to G.H. Griswold for $144.23, George Taylor, JP -- Aug. 7, 1868 -- Chapin repurchases the same lots from Griswold at the same price


 16. 1868-1869 -- Various payments by Sharon Township Trustees for road maintenance: eg. $8 to John Smiley for superintending road work in road district #6; $7.50 to Sheldon Masks for 28 perch of stone; $62.00 to J.N. Hoble for scraper & plow; $9. 20 to J.A. Hendron for purchasing and hauling Road Plank for bridge


 17. Jan. 1 - Oct. 10, 1868 -- Account book listing "Housekeeping Expenses" by day, item, and purchase price [from $1 for a turkey Jan. 1 to 48 cents for 2 1/2 doz. eggs on Oct. 10, it is clear Worthington is no longer a pioneer village]


 18. Apr. 6, 1869 -- Agreement between G.H. Griswold and Lewis Faribee for the latter to grow corn on Griswold's field west of J.R. Gilbert, Griswold provides land, Faribee seed and labor, crop to be divided equally before Feb. 1, 1870


 19. 1864-1870 -- Itemized list in G.H. Griswold's handwriting describing number, variety, and location of trees planted in his orchard [primarily apples and pears]


 20. Nov. 1, 1869 -- Receipt from Horace Wright for $21 from F.F. Wing for three months rent of the "Hotel property" -- Oct. 8, 1872 -- order from C.E. Burr, President, Worthington College to pay Ohio State Journal $3 for advertising sale of Hotel property



Folder 1870-1879


[Mila Thompson Griswold died Feb. 21, 1871 and George H. Griswold Mar. 9, 1876. This folder reflects their son Worthington Franklin Griswold inheriting their home, business affairs, and community leadership roles. School teacher salaries in the Worthington Village graded school offer an interesting comparison to township one-room schools in the previous folder. The most unusual item in this folder is an itemized bill from the London firm handling the Westminster Abbey funeral of Bishop C.E. McIlvane and the transport of his body from Italy to Paris, London & New York.]


 1. Mar. 2, 1870 -- List of 54 names and amounts given by O.J. Case to G.H. Griswold for collection, settled June 6, 1874


 2. Sept. 22, 1870 -- Invoice to C.W. Brown & Co., Worthington from B. Howell, "Fine Family Groceries," Columbus, 55 lbs. Shoulders, $8.53, 38 lbs. Hams, $8.86


 3. Feb. 28, 1871 -- Invoice to G.H. Griswold from Taylor & O'Harra, Columbus, "Bell Glass Jewell Casket $100, use of Hearse $10, use of two carriages $16 [Mila Thompson Griswold died Feb. 21, 1871]


 4. Mar. 7, 1871 -- City of Worthington authorization to pay Walter Burwell $5.40 for 270 ft. oak lumber for foot bridges, signed by H.K. Tuller, Mayor, O. Johnson, Clerk


 5. Dec. 20, 1871 -- Worthington School District authorization to pay William T. Snow $28.82 for sundries furnished, signed J.P. Wright, Chairman, W.F. Griswold, Sec.


 6. Dec. 22, 1871 -- Worthington School District authorization to pay Miss Asala Beck $30 per month for 13 week term from Sept. 25 to Dec. 22 teaching in intermediate School, J.P. Wright, W.F. Griswold


 7. Dec. 23, 1871 -- Worthington School District authorization to pay Miss Rose A. Williams $130 for 13 week term teaching at Worthington High School, JP Wright, W.F. Griswold


 8. Dec. 23, 1871 -- Worthington School District authorization to pay Mrs. Luther Pleasants $97.50 for 13 week term teaching in Primary Department, J.P. Wright, W.F. Griswold


 9. Jan. 5, 1872 -- Tax receipt from Franklin Co. Treasurer to Worthington College $49.59 for last half of 1871 taxes on 100 acres in Sharon Township farm lot #28 [school farm lot established by Scioto Co.]


 10. Jan. 6, 1872 -- Worthington School District authorization to pay C.W. Brownlee $43.29 for sundries furnished for repairs, J.P. Wright, W.F. Griswold


 11. Jan. 6, 1872 -- Worthington School District authorization to pay W.F. Griswold $36.64 for labor performed by sundry persons for district, J.P. Wright, W.F. Griswold


 12. Jan. 30, 1872 -- Worthington School District authorization to pay William Wright $3 for services in care of School rooms for three weeks, J.P. Wright, W.F. Griswold


 13. Feb. 1872 -- Committee reviewed G.H. Griswold accounts with Worthington College since Mar. 1, 1837 and shows balance in favor of College of $805.71, signed C.E. Burr, F. Tuller


 14. June 9, 1872-Apr. 11, 1900 -- Various checks signed by W.F. Griswold on either the Commercial Bank of Columbus or the Worthington Savings Bank


 15. Sept. 12, 1872 -- James Beers account with G.H. Griswold from Mar. 23, 1847, Griswold accepts a 6 month note for the $19.72 balance due

 16. Oct. 14, 1872 -- Copy of Warranty Deed from G.H. Griswold to Worthington Franklin Griswold for a portion of lots 52 & 61 [Griswold Tavern & home] in Worthington for $2 and "various personal services & of love and affection" [recorded Deed Book 110, pp. 560-561]


 17. Jan. 14, 1873 -- G.H. Griswold & W.F. Griswold sign $1000 bond to President and Trustees of the Corporation of Worthington College, George H. Griswold elected Treasurer of said College Jan. 6, 1873


 18. Jan. 16, 1873 -- Note from G.H. Griswold to Sheriff Thompson pointing out several errors in his Jan. 10 advertisement in the Columbus Gazette of land for sale in the John Barker suit


 19. Feb. 14, 1873 -- C.E. Burr's resignation as President of the Board of Trustees of Worthington College


 20. Apr. 17, 1873 -- Trustees of Worthington College pay G.H. Griswold $165 for the release of 20 ft. strip of land on north side of Lot E, signed C.E. Burr, President [resignation rejected?], F. Tuller, Secretary


 21. May 1873 -- Itemized bill from William A. & Sylvanus Smee, London for the funeral expenses of Rev. C.P. McIlvane, Episcopal Bishop of Ohio -- including services at Westminster Abbey, and transportation charges from Bologne to Paris to London to New York [see Dumas Malone, Dictionary of American Biography , Vol. VI, p. 94]. Griswold, Burr, and McIlvane families were connected by marriage including G.H. Griswold's sister Harriet's marriage to Rev. Erastus Burr who named their first son Charles McElvain Burr and their second George Griswold Burr]


 22. Jan. 16, 1874 -- Letter from George B. Christian, Marion, Ohio to G.H. Griswold, seeking to renegotiate the mortgage terms for the 178 acre farm he purchased from Griswold


 23. 1874 -- Plat of land in Franklin Co. Common Pleas Court Partition suit Frances Riley, et. al. vs. Alzira Pinney, et. al. -- also news clipping of lots to be sold in 1878 court case of Lucy W. Hart vs, Frances Riley, et. al.


 24. Apr. 12, 1875 -- Plat for 51 lots on part of original farm lots #74 & #78 by James E. Wright, Surveyor for Ele W. Tuller and Francis Riley [Plat book 3 in which this was recorded burned, and was redone in 1950]


 25. Mar. 28, 1876 -- George Harlow Griswold obituary in the Ohio State Journal [he died at Worthington March 9th]


 26. Mar. 1, 1877 to June 1, 1878 -- Expense book of W.F. Griswold [includes $146.31 for trip to Philadelphia in Apr. 1877, Major repairs to north wall of house & interior painting May-June 1877, began recording boarders in Sept. 1877]

 27. Feb. 17, 1878 -- newspaper clipping from Columbus Herald reprinting Memorial in Lancaster Gazette of Mar. 14, 1874, edited by Samuel Alexander Griswold, son of Ezra Griswold, Jr. reprinting his grandfather's advertisement for the Griswold Tavern as printed in the Western Intelligencer , October 25, 1814


 28. Mar. 10, 1879 -- Copy of contract between Horace A. Riggs, Plymouth, Richland Co., Ohio and Martin V. Hoover, of Caro Twp., Richland Co. for Hoover to cut timber on 65 acres of 100 acre lot Riggs owns in Franklin Co., may take up to ten years


 29. May 1879 -- Account between Riggs & Hoover for labor & team and boarding surveyors



Folder 1880-1889


[The most valuable items in this folder are perhaps Lawrence Griswold's course of study at Worthington High School and Ruth Griswold's Franklin County Teachers' Examination Questions]


  1. June 19, 1884 -- Concert program, M.E. Church [ten performers appear to be women of the congregation]


 2. Oct. 20, 1884 - Oct. 8, 1885 -- W.F. Griswold account with Crooks Store, primarily groceries, $66.38 paid in full -- June 5, 1886 to July 7, 1887 -- pumps bought and sold [pumps, tubing, chain, buckets evidently for well water pumps]


 3. 29 Dec. 1885 -- Letter from Florence A. Riggs to W.F. Griswold appointing him agent regarding her 105 acres in Sharon Twp. and make a full settlement with Mr. Martin Hoover [notes on bottom regarding varieties of wood sold and styles such as "spokes, staves, posts,& basket timber" in addition to oak, ash, & hickory boards]


 4. Jan. 23, 1886-Nov. 10, 1887 -- Letters from William H. Young, Columbus to W.F. Griswold regarding managing and collecting rents for Young's Sharon Twp. farm -- sounds like an angry landlord "take all you can get but drive him out if you have to turn all his furniture in the street," [2/10/86] "What has become of that Darky he still owes me $25 [6/12/87] -- wants Griswold as "Real Estate agent and Justice of the Peace" to try to sell it for $2500


 5. Feb. 23, 1888 -- Agreement between Alice A. Miller and Edwin P. Arthur for him to lease her house and five acres for 3 years at $40 per year


 6. Mar. 3, 1888 -- Franklin County Teachers' Examination, Questions in Grammar, Arithmetic, and History


 7. Mar. 24, 1888 -- Ruth Griswold's answers to Teachers' Geography exam with grade of 80%

 8. May 4, 1888 -- Letter from B. Crook & Sons, [Merchants at Granville, Johnstown, and Hebron according to letterhead] to W.F. Griswold regarding Worthington accounts he is collecting for Crook on commission


 9. July 20, 1888 -- Adolphus Tuller account of $7.48 due from Alice Miller allowed by W.F. Griswold, Administrator


 10. Sept. 13, 1888 -- Lawrence Griswold's course of study at Worthington High School completed with honor and submitted by Thomas Fitzgerald to President Scott for admission to Ohio State University [indicates that students preparing for college took three rigorous courses such as Latin, Geometry, Trigonometry, Astronomy, English Literature, Rhetoric, etc. during three terms each year]


 11. June 16, 1882 -- Note signed by May Skeele, Teacher and A.W. Lincoln that Lawrence Griswold passed from fourth grade "A" Intermediate Department to "C" Grade Intermediate Department -- Fall 1888, Winter & Spring 1889 term Ohio State University fee cards showing Lawrence Griswold paid $5 per term



Folder 1890-1899


[Interesting items in this folder include building materials for new high school and the course of study; township bounty payments for agricultural pests such as ground hogs and English sparrows,; biographical information about Rev. P.S. Ruth former rector at St. Johns; Howard Griswold's attempt to be nominated to the Naval Academy, and Sharon Twp. Board of Education letterhead showing woman president three years after state law allowed women to vote for local school directors]


 1. 1890? -- List of 51 species of birds noted on letterhead "W.F. Griswold & Co., Pumps and Pump Materials, Worthington, O. ________ 189__


 2. Mar. 10, 1890 -- Bill from E. Weibling, Westerville for $50.75 for casket, hearse, and burial robe submitted to W.F. Griswold, Administrator, Estate of Alice Miller


 3. June 19, 1891 -- Program for 11th Annual Alumni Exercises, Worthington High School


 4. Apr. 11, 1892 -- Poll book for Worthington School District Election, list of 83 names, L.W. Drake, chairman; F.L. Johnson, Secretary


 5. Dec. 8, 1892 -- Tax receipts for 1892 for Grace King & Richard Morrison, each owning 1/2 [40 acres] of Farm Lot 33 in Sharon Twp. -- Note from Fannie Riggs to Worthington Board of Education requesting they pay Mrs. Campbell $12 of my month's salary


 6. Aug. 16, 1893 to Jan. 3, 1894 -- Worthington Board of Education receipts to H.C. Chambers [building supervisor] and L.C. Ogden [Sandusky & Columbus Short Line Railway transporting materials] for various materials: lumber, doors, glass, white rock, marble dust [see Two Centuries of Educational History, Worthington, Ohio, pp. 24-25 for photo and description of this first building to serve only high school students]


 7. Sept. 6, 1893 -- Pay voucher from Worthington School Board to M.L. Hiser for 20 1/2 days labor on new building at $1.25 per day, $25.62


 8. Sept. 18, 1893 --Circular for "The Public Schools of Worthington, Ohio, Fall Term, Sept. 18, 1893," High School offers either a "Classical" or "Scientific" Course of Study, each four years with three terms per year


 9. Dec. 16, 1893 -- Bill from James F. Wright, General Hardware, Worthington, O. to Worthington School Board for putting in 14 Rods Tile, $3.50 [detailed letterhead listing available items from cigars to paint, blankets to Harness]


 10. Dec. 19, 1893 -- Unsigned letter to Ruth Griswold [17-year-old daughter of W.F.] about taking Grammar section of county teacher's exam, invites Ruth to go her music teacher's class recital


 11. Feb. 22, 1894 -- Letter from his cousin Kirby L. Ruth, Pomona, Calif. to Howard Griswold [15-year-old son of W.F. & Fondelia Ruth Griswold], about studying Caesar in Latin, parlor games, death of a friend


 12. May 26 to June 26, 1894 -- Bounty payments by S.R. Holt, Township Clerk: Sammie Gilbert, 101 ground hog scalps, $10.10 and for 12 dozen & 2 English sparrow heads, $2.43; Eddie Fleming, 22 1/2 dozen English sparrow heads, $4.50; Harlo Gilbert, 90 ground hog scalps, $9.00; Isaac Yoakam, 24 dozen English sparrow heads, $4.80; Johnnie Brown, 74 ground hog scalps, $7.40


 13. July 19, 1894 -- Obituary in Westerville Public Opinion for Rev. P.S. Ruth, former rector of St. John's Episcopal Church who died July 9th at Pomona, Cal., written by his daughter Mrs. W.F. Griswold, Worthington


 14. Dec. 5, 1894 -- Land contract from W.F. Griswold to Radmussthan Stearns for lots 107, 108, 109, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, & 118 in Morris Addition for $229


 15. Apr. 4, 1896 -- Richard Marrison bill from J.F. Wright, $1 for glass & putty, paid by W.F. Griswold [Marrison installing it for W.F.?]


 15. Apr. 30, 1896 -- Worthington High School Musical Program -- 1896 Worthington High School Commencement program, address by James H. Canfield, President, OSU


 16. Jan. 4, 1897 -- Letter from Capt. P.H. Cooper, Superintendent, U.S. Naval Academy to Howard S. Griswold, enclosing regulations governing admission of candidates to the Academy


 17. Jan. 5, 1897 -- Printed form from Capt. P.H. Cooper, Naval Academy to Howard L. Griswold indicating the Naval Academy cadet from the 72nd Congressional District will not graduate until June 1899, an invitation to the Congressman from that district to nominate his successor will be extended Mar. 5, 1899


 18. Jan. 20, 1897 -- Note from C.L. Dickey, Supt. of Clinton, Sharon & Perry Township schools to Ruth Griswold requesting Mr. Conklin's address [Letterhead shows W.F. Griswold was Treas. of the Sharon Twp. Board of Education, Mrs. Delia A. Potter, Pres. -- an 1894 Ohio law allowed women for the first time to vote for and be candidates for local school boards]


 19. Nov. 18, 1898 -- Letter from Frank L. Estep, Beloit, Wis. to H[oward].L. Griswold, Columbus, describing his new job as bookkeeper for electric company at $40 per month, asks about mutual friends, sympathizes that Howard didn't get the raise he was hoping for


 20. Oct. 7, 1899 -- Letter from Avery D. Harrington, Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa to Mrs. Fondelia Griswold, sending copies of her father's will and Sarah A. Ruth's will reporting that she has no legal claim to Philadelphia properties


 21. Oct. 17, 18, & 19, 1899 -- Cleveland, Ohio, Civil Service Examination questions for Electrical Engineer and Draftsman


 22. 1896+ -- Plat of Griswold's East Side Addition [This subdivision plat of 67 lots on farm land W.F. Griswold owned between the village and the railroad was filed with the county recorder in 1896 -- Plat Book 5, p.390 This drawing appears to show lots already sold.]



Folder - 20th Century


[Items in this folder pertain primarily to the children of W.F. & Fondelia Griswold, particularly to Ruth Griswold, the daughter who remained single, took care of her widowed mother, and continued to live in the old family home until the 1960s. Unfortunately her status as the oldest living descendant of the Scioto Company pioneers led to the publication of a number of erroneous myths about the early tavern which have been disproved by later research -- eg. built by Ashel Ford [sic], a stagecoach stop for changing horses, host to President Monroe, Johnny Appleseed and Charles Dickens, counterfeiters breaking in and using printing press. "Ye Restful Village of Worthington" gives a valuable "slice of life" description of the early 20th century village.]


 1.  Feb. 16, 1900 -- 96th Anniversary service if the founding of St. John's, Address by Horace W. Whayman on history of the Scioto Co. and the founding of the congregation. Followed by an appeal from R.M. Weaver -- few members, poor finances, need for prompt payment of Rev. N.N. Badger's $600 salary, enlarge parish house, heat and repair church total about $3000


 2. Nov. 19, 1900 -- Letter from F.L. Estep, Elyria, Ohio to Howard Griswold enclosing questions for civil service exam, describing his new job as General foreman of a copper rolling mill with the Bridgeport [Conn] Brass Co.


 3. July 1, 1901 -- Lease given by W.F. & Fondelia Griswold to S.M. Griffith for 30 acre campground and buildings, for five years beginning Jan. 1, 1902, to be used for "religious, moral, patriotic, or social gatherings" as Griffiths chooses, Griswolds to receive 10% of the gross amount received for entrance fees, tent or boarding house privileges, provision or refreshment stands


  4. Feb. 25, 1905 -- E.V.[Evan Viets] Griswold notification to Worthington Village Council that the firm of Kendall & Griswold has dissolved and their contract to furnish street lights is released, however he personally will fulfill the contract on the same terms if they so desire


 5. Aug. 30, 1907 -- Letter from Fondelia Griswold to her daughter Ruth, family news, offers to give her the walnut drop leaf dining table [now in the OJ dining room] and describes her struggles to preserve it [papa used leaf as door in greenhouse]


 6.  c. 1908 -- "Ye Restful Village of Worthington" published by Worthington Civic Association -- a public relations piece with photos to portray a healthful and peaceful environment to attract new businesses and residents commuting to Columbus via interurban railroad -- lists village officers, churches, schools, a business directory, etc.


 7. Apr. 5, 1910 -- U.S. Patent Office grants patent for "Trolley-Wire Crossing" to Howard L. Griswold & Thomas Kerin, Oakland, Cal., description and drawing


 8. Apr. 2 to June 10, 1915 --Bills to Ruth Griswold for water line & meter, plastering basement -- preliminary and final sketches of house interior [Ruth Griswold built this house on 4 lots in her father's East Side Addition which she rented to Gen. Charles Cooper and his widowed daughter, friends from her days as a nurse in Denver, see Worthington Landmarks, pp.94-95. W.F. Griswold died Oct. 11, 1912 and Ruth moved in with her mother to care for her.]


 9. July 10, 1930 -- Obituary for Mrs. W.F. Griswold, Worthington News [Fondelia Ruth Griswold died July 7, 1930 at Worthington]


 10. Sept. 6, 1930 -- Letter from E.V. Griswold, Chicago, Executor of Fondelia Griswold's estate to 9 other beneficiaries named in her will, 43 lots included in estate have been transferred to 10 heirs as tenants-in-common, wants suggestions to partition property as soon as possible to avoid personal liability


 11. Oct. 7, 1930 -- Letter from Ted [Edwin V. Griswold], Chicago to his sister Ruth at Worthington, Letterhead, St. Elizabeth's Church, Rev. Edwin V. Griswold, Priest-in-Charge. Encloses copies [not in file] of partition deed for Ruth to circulate to other heirs to sign and for Ruth to have it recorded in Franklin Co.


 12. Oct. 1932 -- St. John's Parish newsletter, Rector Philip W. Hull thanks members for cordial welcome to Worthington, news of Sunday School, Women's Auxiliary, Harvest Home Festival to collect vegetables for needy in community, vestry establishes Historical Committee, Mrs. Harry P. Ward, chairman; Miss Ruth Griswold "Parish Historiographer"


 13. Feb. 28, 1934 -- Letter from Harriet Burr Tyler, Perry, Ohio to Ruth Griswold [Harriet, granddaughter of Rev. Erastus & Harriet Griswold Burr was Ruth's third cousin, see Scioto Company Descendants, pp. 123 & 132] Responding to request from Ruth about history of St. John's Women's Auxiliary, news of family members


 14. 1934 -- Biographical sketch of Rev. Henry Floy Roberts [Rector of St. John's Church, 1856-1858] by C.E.B. Roberts, for St. John's historical committee, his oldest son Daniel married Katherine Burr [daughter of early church leader and Worthington College President, C.E. Burr, see Scioto Company Descendants , p. 14]


 15. May 25, 1935 -- Clipping from Worthington News regarding suit in Franklin County court for an accounting of the assets of the old Worthington Savings Bank Co.


 16. June 9, 1939 -- Clipping from Worthington News regarding the state of Ohio taking over the Worthington Savings and Loan


 17. Dec. 31, 193? [no year but refers to Mrs. Roosevelt] -- Partial letter to Ruth Griswold from unidentified writer, Mill Valley, California [probably from her sister-in-law Cora (Mrs. Howard) Griswold] -- family news, visit from Edith [probably Mrs. Ligda, Ruth's sister, also living in California] reminisces about St. John's Women's Auxiliary saying the last time she visited was in 1913


 18. Mar. 7, 1948 -- Clipping from Columbus Dispatch Magazine "Worthington's First Family" referring to the arrival of Ezra & Ruth Griswold's family in 1803, photos of Tavern, narrative description [contains numerous errors], says current residents of the home are Mr. & Mrs. Howard Griswold, Miss Ruth Griswold, and Mrs. Caroline Griswold Fletcher [see Scioto Company Descendants, p. 129]


 19. Jan. 20-29, 1951 -- Excerpt from Ruth Griswold diary -- Tax bills are higher due to bond issue, "Home place $112.18 [tavern], G. Road $74.35 [rental property on Granville Rd. built in 1915]; ice storm everything closed


 20. July 15, 1951 -- Unidentified [Worthington News?] newspaper clipping [in St. John's Church Records, MSS 943, Ohio Historical Society] about Griswold Tavern [same errors as Dispatch article above] photos of Ruth Griswold by fireplace, holding musket, by spinning wheel and of china cabinet.


 21. Jan. 18, 1958 -- Newspaper clipping, Columbus Dispatch describing a picnic at "Griswold's Grove" on May 23, 1860 -- describes site north of Dublin-Granville Rd., east of railroad tracks, "grove of noble beech trees," bisected by "Rush Brook" which empties in the Whetstone near "Locust Grove Cemetery." [sic]


 22. Mar. 5, 1963 -- Newspaper clipping from the Columbus Citizen Journal titled "Granby" by Ben Hayes about the old Methodist Cemetery in Worthington


 23. Feb. 6, 1964 -- Newspaper clipping from Worthington News about auction of furnishings from the "Griswold Inn" [sic] on Feb. 1, 1964 [Ruth Griswold was still living until May 30, 1965]



Folder -- Griswold Day Books


[These are scattered and far from complete but do contain interesting items]


 Ezra Griswold -- partial accounts from 1812 and 1817 --

  Mar. 19, 1812, itemized costs for 19 men (& their unnamed ladies) attending "Exhibition Ball" -- each paying $1.46 for dinner served with 6 qts. wine & 2 qts. French brandy


 George H. Griswold -- partial personal accounts from Oct. 1856 to Mar. 1857


 W.F. Griswold -- scattered accounts between 1876 and1898, shows W.F. was doing everything from writing wills and deeds to surveying and renting the campgrounds

  Dec. 11, 1863 to May 1, 1878, list of births of nine Griswold children

  June 13, 1876 -- W.F. buys Harlow Johnson's share of G.H. Griswold's real estate including 17 3/4 acres adjoining railroad and "the house and lot where you now live . . . the north side of lot 109" for $1500


 Household Accounts -- partial records from 1902 and 1905, perhaps in Fondelia's handwriting -- groceries average between $30 and $35 per month




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