The Worthington Historical Society was given the JOHNSON/SESSIONS manuscript collection in 2012. The known provenance is indicated in #1 and the container described in #2. Items were numbered as they were removed from this box and are not in chronological order. The 154 items in the collection include family, personal and business letters, business receipts, a few news clippings and miscellaneous items. Mary's letters include a variety to and from friends from the Worthington Female Seminary and a number to and from several suitors.

 Orange and Achsa Johnson were married in 1815 and at the time of the earliest items had two living children, William and Mary. They were living in the farm home which is now the Worthington Historical Society lifestyle museum at 956 High St. in Worthington. William d. in February 1840 and references to William after that refer to Mary's cousin William from New England who lived with the Johnsons and worked on the farm. Mary married Francis C. Sessions of Columbus in 1847. In 1862, her parents moved to Columbus and lived with Mary and Francis at 478 E. Broad St., now the site of the Columbus Art Museum, until Orange's death in 1876 and Achsa's in 1882. F.C. Sessions, a banker, traveled and purchased art in Europe prior to his death in 1892. Mary remained in their Broad St. home until her death in 1919.


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005/ 01

 Letter 2/25/1946, from "Ione" Mrs. H.B. Kadd, 718 Chippewa Ave., St. Paul, 7, Minnesota, typed letter describing letters she is sending to Miss Donalda Brak, 21 North Rd., Hampden, Mass.


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.02

 Metal box containing letters and other papers in this collection


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.03

 Certificate 6/28/1846-10/211846, Francis C. Sessions completing requirements for membership in Columbus, Ohio chapter, Sons of Temperance


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.04

 "The Indian ________" 13 verses of poem or song


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.05

 1820 Tax receipt from Jacob Keller to N.J. Root


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.06

 Partial letter without date, signature, or recipient

 Subject: Sad state of Clarissa Waldo


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.07

 Partial undated article from unidentified newspaper about F.C. Sessions will


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.08

 12/29/1882 shipping receipt from Florence via New York City on account of F.C. Sessions (see #13)


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.09

 Letter, 2/20/1847, from Chester K. Johnson, Tiffin, Ohio to Mary Johnson

 Subject: Family news from her cousin, death of Aunt Maynard, provisions for large wedding in Tiffin


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.005.10

 1818 Tax receipt from J. Keller to Nathaniel J. Root


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.11

 Letter, 8/5/1839, Samuel Griffith, Fayette Co., IL to Orange Johnson

 Subject: Business affairs, Johnson apparently collecting debts for him in Ohio, Griffith describes home and grocery business on National Road


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.12a


  "about pictures & statuary bought in Milan 1882"


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.12b

 Letter: Guy Modoneti, Milan to Francis Sessions

 Subject: Bill for art works purchased at Ballivor Academic of Milan


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.13

 Invoice 10/31/1882, for $1860.10 from Marquay, Hooker & Co., Florence to F.C. Sessions for pictures and statuary to be shipped via New York (see #8)


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.14

 4/3/1869 Articles of Agreement by Orange Johnson, Frances Sessions, and Joseph Jeffrey founding the Commercial Bank of Columbus and amendment continuing agreement after Orange Johnson's death Nov. 28, 1876 signed by F.C. Sessions, Executor, Achsa Johnson, and Mary J. Sessions


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.15

 Receipt 10/30/1882, Francis Sessions for five cases of art shipped from Italy via S.S. Acadia (see #19)


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.16

 Receipt 5/26/1820 to Orange Johnson, as agent for Nathaniel Root, from G.H. Griswold for $1 for one day's work on highway in payment of 1819 tax


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.17

 11/14/1817 Tax receipt for $.35 to Orange Johnson, agent for James Allen


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.18

 No date, Rental receipt from Nathaniel Root to Orange Johnson


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.19

 Invoice to F.C. Sessions for $240 for duty, insurance, commission on five packages shipped on Acadia (see #15)


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.20

 3/15/1821 Tax receipt for $.35 to Orange Johnson for town lots owned by Nathaniel Root


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.21

 12/2/1816 Tax receipt for $.35 to Orange Johnson for lots of Nathaniel Root


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.22a

 Envelope to F.C. Sessions

Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.22b

 Letter 10/29/1889, from Paul Peel, Paris to Francis Sessions

 Subject: New studio in Paris and current painting "Children at the Gate"


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.23

 Letter, 1/5/1855, from Ethan Hawthorne, Sag Harbor to F.C. Sessions, Columbus

 Subject: Rejects article for publication


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.24

 Letter 5/16, 1848 from Martha Cary to Achsa Johnson

 Subject: Teaching school for summer rather than returning to Worthington, requests her to send her clothes and promises to pay soon [former boarder?]


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.25

 Letter 11/19/1889,  from Wm. H. Gulick to Francis Sessions

 Subject: Material on Basques for chapter in F.C. Sessions book


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.26

 10/29/1819 Tax receipt for $.50 to Orange Johnson for Nathaniel Root


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.27

 11/18/1818 Tax receipt for $.55 to Orange Johnson for highway tax for Nathaniel Root


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.28

 10/31/1882 Invoice from Florence to F.C. Sessions for paintings, $1860.50


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.29

 12/24/1816 Tax receipt for $2.35 to Recompence Stanbery for James Allen


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.30

 Poem, Lord Lovel


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.31

 Partial newspaper clipping of Pres. Harrison's 1841 inaugural address [which Orange and Mary Johnson attended]


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.32

 4/22/(?) Denver newspaper clipping critical of Sara Bernhardt


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.33

 [1890?] Review from the Hartford Times of F.C. Sessions' book "From the Land of the Midnight Sun to the Volga"


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.34

 Letter 6/28/1837 from M.A. Moptiff, Mansfield, Connecticut to Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

Subject-Writer wants Mary to visit Connecticut; Orange had visited, roots promised , Aunt Norton and Cousin Mary E Waldon mentioned


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.35

 Letter 1/22/1837 from Emily Beckwith, Somerset , Ohio to Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

  Subject –School mate of Mary’s tells why she left Miss Marsh’s Academy


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.36

 Letter 1/20/1845 from Rachel S Connell, Columbus, Ohio to Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

Subject- Parties in Columbus, beaux, Mary is well loved by everyone, Mr Pinney is a pleasant gentleman


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.37a & b

 Envelope and Letter 6/1890 from Paul Peel Paris to F.C. Sessions Columbus Ohio

Subject: Mr Peel thanks Francis for encouragement. He has won a medal, and is working on other paintings including After the Bath


Johnson/Sessions 2015.0005.38

 Letter 7/26 [no year] from Elizabeth Beckwith , Somerset, Ohio to Mary Johnson and Caroline Griswold  Worthington, Ohio

Subject: A school friend of Mary’s and Cal (Caroline) Griswold wants them both to visit her in Somerset; Miss Tucker still in Somerset


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.39

 Letter [no date] from Elizabeth Beckwith Somerset Ohio to Mary Johnson Worthington Ohio

Subject: Elizabeth inquires about school friends; Elizabeth will never forget Achsa’s kindness; Elizabeth wants Mary and Cal to visit Somerset


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.40

 Letter 2/12/1839 from William Johnson, Milan, Ohio to Achsa Johnson Worthington, Ohio

Subject: William is writing to his mother from school about his health and his need for “drawers” and “collars”


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.41

 Valentine [no date] from unknown writer to Mary Johnson Worthington

 To Miss Mary Johnson May heaven to love Thy hearts incline


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.42

 Letter 3/17/1839 from Orange Johnson Worthington Ohio to William Johnson Milan, Huron County Ohio and letter from Achsa Johnson Worthington Ohio to William Johnson Milan, Huron County Ohio

Subject: Advice from both parents to William about trouble at school


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.43

Letter 1/3/1839 from William Johnson, Milan, Ohio to his sister Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

Subjects: William’s adventures to find good food at school and general information about his studies.


Johnson/Sessions 2102.0005.44

 Letter 2/ 4/1839 from William Johnson Milan, Ohio to Orange Johnson

Worthington Ohio

Subject: William tells about his recent health problems and asks for money to continue his studies


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.45

 Letter 11/17/1838 from Mary Johnson Worthington Ohio to William M Johnson Milan, Ohio

Subject: News of home; wedding of Eliza Sherman and Potter?; Mary has been introduced to a new gentleman named Jim; spat between Miss Marsh and Miss Bishop; Ema Case boarding with Johnsons







Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.46

 Letter 3/6/1839 from William Johnson, Milan, Ohio to Orange Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

Subject: William writes to his father to explain his trouble in school and asks for advice on whether to stay in school


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.47a

 Accounts 9/1846 and 11/1846 for George Taylor, Mr. Matton, Mr. Bigelou asking for payment

 Accounts 9/1847 for E. Barker, B. Nash and quotations [may be Orange Johnson’s hand]


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.47b

 Note 9/ 7/1847 to Achsa Johnson (unsigned)

Subject: An offer to make a quilt for Achsa


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.47c

 Receipt records 8/27/[no year] for Mr. Hearst, Mr. Lawson, B. Barker

Andrew Jackson Brown and John Lee [may be Orange Johnson’s hand]


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.48a

 Envelope 9/5/[no year] addressed to Orange Johnson from New York


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.48b

 Letter 9/23/1882 from Dunham J. Crain Consulate of the United States Milan Italy to Francis Sessions London, England

Subject: Arrangements for shipping two paintings which Francis bought and request for the balance due.


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.49

 Essay [no author and no date] entitled The Retrospections of a Day


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.50a

 Envelope with “Family Record” written on it


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.50b

 Letter [no date] from Mrs E McElvaine Columbus Ohio to Mary Johnson Sessions

Subject: Mrs. McElvaine is sending Mary a note written by Longfellow [Henry maybe] because Mary is hosting the “Club” that evening and they would be interested in Longfellow.


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.50c

 Letter 10/18/ [no year] from L.F. and L.C. Townsend Boston, Massachusetts to Francis Sessions, Boston Massachusetts,

Subject: Regret that the Townsends missed Francis’ call and hope to see him before he leaves Boston


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.51

 Map of Hawaiian Islands


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.52

Letter[no date] from H.G. Burr to Achsa Johnson

Subject: A request to buy lard


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.53

 Invoice [no date] for paintings and marble figure from Alfredo Candida,

Pittore Firenze  [On back note] Alfred Candida proposition for paintings Florence


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.54a

 Envelope [no date] addressed to Mrs Sessions “a delivered”


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.54b

 Print [possibly of North Africa] [maybe Algiers


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.54c

 Typed genealogy of Maynard Family [possibly goes with 48a]


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.55

 Invoice 10/31/1882? for F.C. Sessions, Columbus Ohio from C. Stein,

Rome Italy for shipping tableau possibly by way of E.E. Griswold


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.56a and 56b

 Letter and envelope 2/27/1890 from Henry Stanier, Granada to F.C. Sessions, Columbus Ohio

Subject: Catalog of Session’s art collection received and inquiry about Sessions buying some of Stainer’s drawings of the Alhambra


*Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.57

 Notes and ciphers [no date] for butter, wool cloth, milk and recipes for soft cakes, French rolls, loaf cake, cupcakes, Queen’s cake, sponge cake, Tea cakes.  Note about combs. [May be in Achsa’s handwriting]


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.58a

 Letter 5/10/ [1847?] from Mary Johnson, Worthington to Francis Sessions, Columbus, Ohio

Subject: Mary is very happy about events that transpired on the previous Saturday evening which seem to indicate that she and Francis are engaged-she hopes she will be worthy of him—and he relates news and gossip



Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.58b

Letter 5/11/ [1847] from Mary Johnson Worthington Ohio to Frank Sessions

Subject: Another draft of letter 2012.0005.58a.  In this letter Mary relates her happiness and bright hope for the future as a result of her meeting with Frank on the previous Saturday evening in which he may have proposed. This draft was probably written after 58a since 58a was begun on May 10 and continued into May 11 after an interruption of a visit from Dr Cramer and Miss Shilds.  The interruption is not mentioned in this draft.


Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.59

 Letter[no date] to Mary? (My Dear Friend) Worthington? From Miss Demaris R. Solomon, Lockbourn

Subject: Belated reply to Mary’s letter, Demaris has not forgotten her and is hoping she will visit soon as examinations will be taking place

  • Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.60
  •  Letter 7/1/1844 from C.R. Smithe, Trenton,  New Jersey to Mary Johnson Worthington Ohio

     Subject: Mr Smithe traveled with Orange and Achsa recently and he wants to keep in touch with Mary with her and others from Worthington


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.61

     Letter[no date] from Molly A [no last name] 2130 E. Broad Street Columbus Ohio to Mary D. Johnson Worthington Ohio

    Subject: Molly is disappointed that Mary has not come to visit during Mary’s father’s frequent visits; specific friends are mentioned including Miss Griswold Smith


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.62

     Calling card [no date] A.B. Coil


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.63

     Letter 5/2/184? from Ellen Smith, Delaware, Ohio to Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

    Subject: Description of dress Miss Smith had made for the occasion she and Mary are “officiating"


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.64

     Invoice [no date] to F.C. Sessions from unknown sender in Florence Italy

    for one package shipped on S.S. Utopia New York for $38.40


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.65

     Letter 12/2/1882 from M H??[signature unreadable] Florence, Italy to F.C. Sessions Esq. Columbus, Ohio

    Subject: Request for instructions for the packing of statues being sent to Frank Sessions from Florence


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.66

     2 Letters 3/3/1845 from Matilda E. Stern and Emeline Stern Green Springs Ohio to Mary Johnson Worthington Ohio

    Subject: Letter to Mary following a visit to Worthington by Matilda & Emeline Stern. Matilda is married to a Mr Stern and Emeline is her sister-in-law. Matilda is living at present in her father-in-law’s house but will be “going to housekeeping soon" in Tiffin, Ohio. They both hope Mary will come and visit and hope her mother can come too.


    Johnson/Sessions 2102.0005.67

    Letter 12/21/1846 from. C.K.P. Johnson [Chester Knox Johnson] Tiffin Ohio to Mary Johnson Worthington Ohio

    Subject: Mary’s cousin, C.K.P., who is living in Tiffin Ohio.  He describes poetically the winter and then goes on to promise to be with the people in Worthington soon. He laments that Cousin William has not answered any of his letters.


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.68

    Letter [no date] Ohio from Mat [Martha ?] Newark Ohio to Mary Johnson Worthington

    Subject: Letter giving Mary details concerning her upcoming visit to Newark and the hope that if Mat will “send a beaux” to get Mary that she and E. Wetmore will come to visit during the Fair that the Ladies of the Church will be having.


    Johnson /Sessions  2012.0005.69

    Letter 12/ 29/1838 from Mary Johnson Worthington Ohio to William M Johnson in Milan Huron County

    Subject: Mary relates to her brother, at school, pranks being played around town especially around the Johnson home and also she is sarcastic about his not answering her letters.  While telling her brother about the pranks she provides some fascinating details about everyday life at the Johnson home including her Pa reading politics with other men.


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.70

     Letter 10/11/1839 from Emily Beckwith, Somerset, Ohio to Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

    Subject: Emily is a friend of Mary’s from school now living in Somerset. She is asking about friends from school: Isabella Miller, Miss McNeal, Emily Griswold, Emeline Lathrop and Cal [Caroline Griswold] and  lamenting Mary’s failure to write to her and she mentions that Mary generally is long in answering her letters.


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.71

     Letter 5/ 5/1846  from Ellen [no last name] Dayton, Ohio to Mary D. Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

    Subject: Ellen is perturbed because Mary seems to have forgotten her even though they are old friends. Mary visited Dayton and did not tell Ellen she was there. She relates that Sarah Jane [no last name] has been in ill health and has moved and that Josephine and Augusta [no last name] are both well. Ellen may be Parrott because there is a Josephine Parrott from Dayton Ohio who is a student at the Female Seminary in the 1841 roster and she refers to Josephine as you would a sister.


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.72

     Letter 1/14/1844 from Jane E Rogers Bucyrus Ohio to Mary Johnson Worthington Ohio

    Subject: Jane writes to Mary to tell her about a New Years Eve party at the Temperance Hotel attended by a gentleman Mary may be interested in Mr. Merryman. Jane also tells Mary about a certain Mr. H. who frequently visits Columbus. Jane is waiting for snow so she can visit Worthington, perhaps by sleigh.


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.73

     Letter 10/20/1841 from Charles B. Stickney Republic, Seneca County Ohio to Mary Johnson Worthington Ohio

     Subject: Mr Stickney is writing to Mary wanting their acquaintance to develop into more than just that. They apparently met on a trip by stage. Mr Stickney refers to Mary being quite ill when he came to visit her.


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.74

     Request 12/30/1825 from Luther Boyd to Orange Johnson for 2 quarts of whiskey.


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.75

     Label [no date] for picture Harvest Field maybe by Daniel McNece.


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.76

     Handwriting exercises [no date] maybe be by Achsa and Mary.


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.77

     Poem to Mary, no date, no signature


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.78a

     Envelope addressed to Mrs. Orange Johnson

    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.78b

     Letter, no date, from E.A. Leonard to Achsa Johnson

     Subject: Description of illness [perhaps consumption], medical treatment, religious beliefs when confronting death


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.79

     4/7/1816 Tax receipt for .87 1/2 to Orange Johnson, for James Allen


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012/0005.80

     Francis Sessions, 1/15/1876 listing of mortgage notes, stocks and bonds totaling $170,000.00



    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.81

     Several recipes for cakes and cookies


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.82

     12/3/1808 Tax receipt for $1.86 to Moses Byxbe, Zanesville for James Allen


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.83

     3/18/1820 Tax receipt for .45 to Orange Johnson for Nathaniel Root


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.84

     8/25/1824 Note from Wm. McFarland to Orange Johnson ordering 1 gal. whiskey


    [no 85]


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.86

     Letter 10/11/1838 from M. L. M. O'Neil, Worthington to Mrs. Martha Cooke, Sandusky, Ohio

     Subject: Introducing Misses Tucker and Johnson and asking her to give "any attention you can pay to them" [perhaps changing stages enroute to Milan to visit Mary's brother William?]


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.87

     Invoice from Florence Gallery for 5 paintings [no name or date]


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.88

     Poem to Mary Johnson from "Your Old Friend" [no name or date]


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.89

     6/10/1825 Order from J. Collings to Orange Johnson for 2 qts. whiskey


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.90

     List of birth dates for Orange and Achsa Johnson and their three children, their marriage date, and death dates of two children who preceded them in death


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.91

     State of Delaware lottery broadside


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.92

     1870-1873 List of persons pledging donations for "Whig Principles" [no Johnson, perhaps he served as treasurer?]


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.93

     Burial registration for Achsa Maynard Johnson at Greenlawn Cemetery, died May 21, 1882



    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.93

     Letter 4/21/1845 from Damaris Soloman, Reynoldsburg [Ohio] to Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

     Subject - teaching school, making wax flowers, Columbus to Cincinnati stage


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.94

     Letter 2/28/1845 from Mary Johnson, Quiet Home [Worthington, Ohio] to James Moreland, Henderson, Ky. No. 5

     Subject -- Reflections on brother William's death, invitation to visit Worthington


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.95

     Letter 2/12/1844 from E. Bailey, North Fork, Mason Co., Kentucky to Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

     Subject - Prospective suitor wishes to correspond


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005 96

     Letter 10/11/1843, from Damaris Solomon, Lockbourne, [Ohio] to Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

     Subject -- Teaching at Lockbourne, suggests Edwin Webster as possible suitor, asks about suitor "Mr. Joy"


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005 97

     1841-42 Report from C.L. Parsons, Principal, Worthington Female Seminary to Orange Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

     Subject: Courses taken and grades received by Mary Johnson


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.005.98

     Letter 12/19/1845, from Jeannette Ridgway, Columbus, Ohio to Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

     Subject: Postponing Mary's visit to Columbus until after New Years


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005 99

     Letter 4/12/1840; from Thomas S. Fuller, Milan, Erie Co., Ohio to Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

     Subject: Death of her brother William


    Johnson/Sessions; 2012.0005.100

     Letter 12/09/1844. from Mary Johnson, Worthington [Ohio] to James M. Moreland, Henderson, Kentucky

     Subject: Response to suitor, mother is concerned but agrees to the correspondence, Mary regrets distance separating them, anticipates Whig inaugural ball in Columbus


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.2005.101

     Invitation, no date, to Miss M. Johnson

      Mr. & Mrs. Comstocks compliments to Miss M. Johnson requesting the pleasure of her company Friday P.M.


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.102

     Letter 2/6/1844, from Havens Cowles, Columbus [Ohio] to Miss Mary Johnson, Worthington [Ohio]

     Subject: Transportation to Columbus


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.103

     Letter 2/2/1842 from D.M. [Damaris] Solomon, Werts Grove, Lockbourne, [Ohio] to Mary D. Johnson, Worthington, [Ohio]

     Subject: Classmate at Worthington Female Seminary, describes Lockbourne, discusses possible suitors, criticizes Methodists


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.104

     Letter 1/17/1842, from John R. Worman, Zanesville, Ohio to Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio

     Subject: Potential suitor, wanting to correspond and visit her [see 2012.0005.121]


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.105

     Letter 3/21/1847, from Mary Johnson, Worthington, Ohio to James Moreland, Cincinnati, Ohio

     Subject: Parents disapprove of relationship, Mary reacts to something he wrote about her parents and ends relationship, requests return of her letters


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.106

     Letter 8/31/1846, from D.R. Solomon, Werts Grove to Mary Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Speaks of Mary's broken engagement, plans to visit Worthington


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.107

     Letter 6/25/1844, from C.A. Weaver, Columbus to Mary Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Encloses sample of silk fabric, bought shoes for Mary


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.108

     Letter 11/30/1846, from L.S. Holmes, Marion to Mary Johnson

     Subject -- Hopeful suitor hearing of her engagement but pressing his suit


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.005.109

     Letter 5/6/1844, from Mary Johnson, Worthington to Orange & Achsa Johnson, visiting Mansfield, CT

     Subject: enjoys being mistress of the household, entertaining company, servant girl Julia having breakfast ready by 6 AM, cousin William managing the "Manor" corn planting, lambing season, and worms in apple orchard



    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.110

     Letter 1/6/1847, from Leander Holmes, Fremont House, Chicago to Mary Johnson

     Subject: Prospective suitor, misunderstanding -- he heard she was to be married, she thought he was courting another girl


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.111

     Letter 3/5/1841, from J. [Congressman Joseph] Ridgway, Washington City to Mrs. O. Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Reports on Orange & Mary attending President Harrison's inauguration and taking them to the train station


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.112

     2/13/1878, 1st Congregational Church Reunion program



     Letter 8/23/1847 from Mary Johnson Sessions, Niagara Falls, N.Y. to Mrs. Achsa Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Honeymoon with Francis Sessions, travel from Worthington to Niagara Falls via Sandusky, Cleveland & Buffalo, sightseeing at the falls, going on to Montreal


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.114

     Letter 2/25/1841, from Mary Johnson, Washington City to Achsa Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Describes stagecoach travel from Worthington to Washington


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.115

     Letter 5/29/1845, from Mary Johnson to John M. Christian, Columbus

     Subject: Mary rejects his marriage proposal because her father disapproves


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.116

     Letter 8/1/1842, from Lydia Ann Weaver, Boonsboro, KY to Mary Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Friend from seminary now teaching school describes trip from Columbus to Boonsboro and shares gossip about mutual friends


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.117

     Letter 9/8/1841, from Charles Stickney, Republic, Ohio to Mary Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Would like to correspond, chastises her for not responding to his first letter [see 2012.0005.120]


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.118

     Letter 5/11/1845, from Mary Johnson, Worthington to James M. Moreland, Henderson, Ky

     Subject: Explains delay in answering his letters due to illness of friend and preparing to be bridesmaid for another, invites him to visit her at Worthington


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.119

     1841-42, Report from Hamilton Smith, Principal to Orange Johnson

     Subject: First term Female Seminary grade report for Mary Johnson


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.120

     Letter 4/28/1841, Letter from Charles Stickney, Republic, Ohio to Mary Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Met Mary on coach from Columbus to Worthington as she and Orange were returning from the east, would like to correspond


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.121

     Letter 5/7/1841, from John R. Worman, Zanesville to Mary Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Met on stage when Orange and Mary were going to Washington, sorry he didn't see them on return trip, hopes to call on his way to Delaware


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.122

     Letter 09/01/1847, Mary Johnson, New York city, to Achsa Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Mary's honeymoon


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.123

     Letter 12/23/1841, from Demaris Soloman, Columbus to Mary Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Friend from Worthington Female Seminary would like to visit, sounds melancholy for antagonizing Worthington friends


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.124

     Letter 5/8/1840, from S.M. Tucker, Parkersburg, Va to Mary Johnson, Worthington

     Subject: Friend from Female Seminary describes trip from Columbus to Parkersburg via stage and steamboat, teaching at seminary and suggests Mary come for summer term, remarks on black slaves


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.125

     Letter 5/15/1845, from John Christian, Columbus to Mary Johnson

     Subject -- Love letter, Mary visiting in Delaware, chides her for not writing, anxious to hear her father's decision [see #115]


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.126

     Letter 9/8/1856, from Francis Sessions, Exeter, New Hampshire to Achsa Johnson

     Subject: Francis and Mary are visiting Sessions relatives in New England, hear a prospective minister for Columbus



    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.127

     Letter 3/1/1840, from H.J.H., Worthington to Orange Johnson

     Subject: Cautions against attentions by H.N. Cells to his daughter


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.128

     Draft of letter 12/6/1846, Mary is writing to Leander Holmes [see #108 and #110]

     Subject: Their future relationship as friends based upon his letters and his calling upon her


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.129

     Part of 12/11/[1847 ?] letter from Mary to her mother

     Subject: Homesick and complaining about her hired girl


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.130

     Letter 12/20/1846, from Norman K. Johnson, West Hartford, Conn. to Mary

     Subject: Her cousin writing news of various New England relatives


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.131

     Unsigned draft of [partial?] letter 11/141846, from Mary Johnson to Leander Holmes, Chicago, IL

     Subject: Surprise at request from a stranger to correspond, does not consider that proper but invites him to call at her home in Worthington


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.132

     Letter 5/2/47, from Leander Holmes, Kirkersville to Mary [see also 108, 110, 128, 131]

     Subject: Has been ill but now well and would like to call on Mary


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.133

     Partial draft of letter Nov. 27th, 1845/6? - Note of payment for newspaper - Poem about tree in forest [different handwriting, perhaps cousin William Johnson who was living with Orange Johnson?]


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.134

     Unfinished and unsigned draft letter 3/13/1843, from Mary to Martha [no last name or address, friend from Worthington Female Seminary?]

     Subject: Girlish local news


    [No 135]


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.136a

     Unfinished draft of letter 8/15/1842, from Mary to Martha [no last name but apparently a seminary classmate from Newark, Ohio]

     Subject: Accepts invitation to visit during Whig convention and speech by Governor


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.136b

     Draft letter Sept. [1843? see also 2012.0005.137a] from Mary to Mr. Blank

     Subject: Response to his request to correspond, wishes only friendship


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.137a

     Draft letter 8/10/1843 from Mary to Mr. Blank [see also 2012.0005.136b]

     Subject: Response to request to correspond, offers only friendship


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.137b

     [no name or date but apparent draft of letter from Mary to John Worman in the summer of 1841 - see 2012.0005.121]

     Subject: Apologizes for illness delaying her response, describes steamboat journey from Pittsburg to Portsmouth


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.138

     Note 1/17/1900 from R.A. Edgar, Columbus to Mary Sessions, Columbus.

    Mr Edgar is to furnish labor and material necessary for construction of the storefront

    for $313.00.


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.139

     “List of Marks” on paper scrap. [no date] Appears to be Mary’s writing

    Includes amounts to the paid to Chicago Land, Green Lawn Cemetery, Rotsman’s painting, Washington Ave House, John W. Pugh settlement of estate, and transfer of real estate.


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.140

     Advertisement 9/2/1878 for “Grand Excursion” via the Baltimore and Ohio Railway from Columbus to Chicago. Only $5.00.


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.141

     Specifications [no date] for store front at 116 N. High St. Columbus for Mary J. Sessions. [Johnson Building she inherited from her father]


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.142

     Subscription offer 10\25\1893 for The Outlook created by The Christian Union for Mrs. F.C. Sessions [on back of offer] notes 4/1/1884 about insurance and properties which appear to be in Mary’s handwriting. [Dates of items are inconsistent with chronology.]


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.143

     Letter [draft] 9/19/1892 probably written by Mary Johnson Sessions  Columbus to an unknown friend

    Subject: The writer of the letter is very upset and hurt due to finding out that her husband changed his will and did not tell her.  He changed his will to leave money to a church but not “our church” and she suspects the recipient of the letter influenced him to do so. [will left $2000 to Hampden, MA church and bequests to his cousins Mary, Harriet, and Frances Sessions there, but he left all the residue of his estate to the Columbus Congregational Church]


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.144

     Letter [no date] from “CP” to Mrs Johnson [Achsa]

     Subject: CP is reporting to Achsa concerning the behavior of C.L. and that fact that William was seen at Mr Skinner’s near the girl. CP calls the girl a “snake in the grass.”  William may be the William Johnson or Cousin William who worked on


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.145 [see also #149]

     Letter 4/21/1844 from Orange Johnson, Pittsburgh to Mary Johnson Worthington

     Subject: Orange is attending a Whig meeting in Pittsburgh [? perhaps enroute to Whig nominating convention in Baltimore 5/1/1844] & wishes to tell Mary that they had a pleasant journey.  He tells her also that she needs to see to chores at home.


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.146

     Note 1/31 to 7/1882 probably about burial and settlement of estate of Mary’s mother, Achsa. Note about Green Lawn 6/3/1882. All probably about Achsa who died



    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.147

     Letter 1/7/1900 from B. Steinfeld (for Mary Johnson Sessions) to Mr. L. Steinfeld Columbus Ohio

     Subject: A proposition for changes to be made on the storefront of a drug store at 116 N High St. [Johnson Building] The storefront is owned by Mary.


    Johnson/ Sessions 2012.0005.148

     Letter 10/2 [no year] from Mary Johnson Newark, Ohio to her parents, Orange and Achsa Johnson, Worthington Ohio

     Subject: Mary is visiting a friend in Newark (probably Martha H.) and needs articles of clothing brought to her so she can stay longer


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.149 [see also #145]

     Letter 4/28/1844 from Orange Johnson Washington D.C. to Mary Johnson Worthington Ohio

     Subject: Orange is relating his journey from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. He attended a Whig meeting in Pittsburgh and may have been meeting with Whigs in Washington.


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.150

     Advertisement 9/12/1893 for concert at the Welsh Presbyterian Church written over with notes about taxes and expenses for 1882 and 1883.


    Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.151 a & b

     Letter 1/19/1890 from Elizabeth Gardner Paris France to Francis Sessions Columbus Ohio

     Subject: Elizabeth Gardner, an artist, is telling Francis that a painting he desired was sold before the artist could be notified that he wanted it.  Ms Gardner mentions a Miss McCabe from Columbus who is a correspondent for Associated Press saying she has spent the winter in Paris. Elizabeth mentions a flu epidemic in Paris


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.152

     Newspaper article [no date] about 12th annual graduating class of Columbus Art School including address to graduates by Francis Sessions.


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.153

     Receipt 8/14/1839 for calico, ribbon, collar bought by Orange Johnson.


    *Johnson/Sessions 2012.0005.154

     Undated, unsigned poem apparently to Mary Johnson - opening line

    "Oh Fly to the Prairie, sweet Mary, with me . . . . . .


    *Item was not transcribed but may be photocopied

    Biographical sketches and genealogical charts of the Johnson and Maynard families and of Francis C. Sessions are in the file with transcriptions at the Worthington Historical Society.





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