Sanborn Insurance Maps

 These maps were produced for fire insurance purposes in cities and towns between 1867 and 1970. Their advantage is that the show building outlines and indicate brick or frame construction. Maps were produced for Worthington in Sept. 1922 and Sept. 1929 and used until 1943. Eighteen maps are available online with a Worthington or Columbus library card. Go to the library website and click Research > History, Biography and Genealogy > Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps > Field Search > Title > Worthington

 Each listing will show streets included and name major buildings. Maps include a zoom capability. The example below shows the type of data you will find for all eighteen:


Worthington, Ohio


Sanborn Map Company; Bell and Howell Information and Learning


STREETS: Granville Road E. [30-74]; Granville Road W. [10-78]; Hartford [729-797]; Hartford [798-826]; High [779-884]; Marble E.; Marble W.; Oxford [740-880]; Pearl N. [546-610]; Pearl S. [546-610]; Public Square [744-778]; Riverglen Drive E. [1-124]; Stafford Ave. E.; Stafford Ave. W.; State E. [29-73]; State W. [10-78]; SPECIALS: First Presbyterian Church; James Kilbourne Memorial Library; Kilbourne J. Memorial Library; Public School; Worthington Public School

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September, 1929 - February, 1943


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