Tax Maps, Franklin County Engineer

 Beginning in 1842, the Franklin County Engineer issued a series of county plat maps by townships for tax purposes. These show the names and locations of property owners. These are shown below for Sharon Township and in 1872 for the town of Worthignton. Remember that only the western half of Sharon Township was part of the Scioto Company purchase. This went from the Delaware Co. line to Morse Rd. north and south, west to east from the Perry Twp. line to a straight line east of the railroad tracks which you can see dividing the township in half (if you have trouble use a ruler).

 1842 Sharon Twp. Map

1856 Sharon Twp Map

1872 Sharon Twp. Map

1872 Worthington Map

1883 Sharon Twp. Map

1895 Sharon Twp. Map

1910 Sharon Twp. Map

1919 Sharon Twp. Map

1933 Sharon Twp. Map

1940 Sharon Twp. Map

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